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Hi all, I am pretty new to the computer gaming world. I have a HP Pentium III 1.0 Gig computer with a standard video card. I am looking to add on a 3d graphics acceletor card and have no idea what I need. Do I need a new video card and a graphics card? Just a 3d graphics card? Can I buy one thing that will have all I need. What is the best bang for the buck? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Almost all GeForce 2/3 cards are both 2D as 3D and will replace your video card.
    I think a GeForce3 Ti200 or GeForce2 Ti (which is cheaper) will be a good choise.

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  2. Geforce 2/3 depending on dolla - or the ATI range are quite good.

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  3. Of course, this is all assuming that he has an AGP slot.

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  4. If you have the i815 chipset, you probably have an AGP slot. Any good video card is a good choice, I would recomend a GeForce 2 GTS or better. The best bang for the buck around $100 is the Gainward GeForce2 Ti/450. The best bang for around $200 is the Radeon 8500 OEM.

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