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I have an Acer Timeline laptop running Windows 7. I have installed the software for a Konica Minolta 1600W color laser printer and a multi-function Epson 410 inkjet printer. Both have USB connections to the computer. Both show no error messages and yet when I attempt to print a test page or other document, each printer shows up on the screen as printing but nothing happens at the printer end. The multi-function epson has no problem copying or scanning. I have used the epson with an old Compaq presario running xp without a problem. I have walked through all the exercises with the Konica Minolta support but with no success. One person at Acer mentioned it might be a spooler issue with the Acer. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be? Is it a Windows 7issue and that's why the epson worked using xp but doesn't work now? Is it a USB driver issue or what.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. How did you install the drivers/software for the printers? If you used the CD that came with them, uninstall the drivers and then download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's respective support sites. From there, manually install the drivers via the control panel, i.e. add new hardware/device and see if that gets them going.
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