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Hello, my HP printer was working fine with my new Windows 7 computer. After I changed the ink and needed to scan the sheet to align it, my printer won't work! I have a HP all-in-one F2110. Thanks
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  1. Please further explain the issue at hand. Can you scan but not print or print but not scan or are you unable to do both? Thank you.
  2. It turned out that I had to change my color ink also - both inks need to be around 75% full per my chat with HP. My color ink was only 25% full, so he told me to change the color ink too -or- change it so it aligns properly and then I can put the old color ink in to finish it. You'll need to keep the full color cartridge away from air, etc. so it doesn't dry out. I just put a new cartridge in and didn't worry about using the rest of the old ink.
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