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Is possible to convert an ordinary GeForce Display Card into a professional Quadro Card ??? by one or two resistors that have to be moved !!! but I have a few questions:
- does the tweak only change the speed of the gpu .... or does it also do other changes ?
- what’s the difference between Geforce and Geforce@Quadro based cards ?

Has anybody tried to make the GForce2GTS to a Quadro

I have :
Gforce V7700
P.IV 1700
Asus P4T with 640 MB Rdram
Promise RAID O (2X10GB IBM 75 GXP)


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  1. The forum expert on GF tweaked cards ot teh rescue! Ok, yes it ispossible by moving two resistors, but then u should also flash vid card's bios. However, there is also a program you can download that's called Rivatuner- it'll convert it into Quadro on teh software level, which gives the same thing as teh hardware mod. Basically what Rivatuner does it it tells the driver to ignore PCI ID, and just use Quadro. Now, for the increases in speed: It will not make ur GPU operate at more clock cycles per second (ie MHz), nor the RAM. Difference between a Quadro and GF series is that the Quadro has lesser D3D performance, and much higher OpenGL performance- much higher. Also, it'll allow you to work with programs such as 3D Studio Max or Autocad better, because not only are they initially optimized for it, but you can also install maxtreme and powerdraft which will further make teh program optimized for it.

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  2. Check this link. It's an article by that explains everything about the hardware differences (or indifference for that matter!) and how to convert your card by software. It even posts the results of several benchmarks for proffessional OpenGL apps AND games too under GF2GTS and Quadro2 Pro! I think this link just wraps it up:

    Ah and the name of the program is SoftQuadro. RivaTuner is different; Although you'll find out all this and more if you just click... ;-)

    BTW I'm going to SoftQuadro in a couple of days: GeForce2 MX400 to Quadro2 MXR!
  3. Uh dude, Rivatuner has Softquadro capapbilities- just that's it's tied into one nice package that also lets u do a whole plethora of other things.

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  4. flamethrower205 you're right! With RivaTuner you can apply the SoftQuadro script and actually it's much more up-to-date (e.g. it includes specific patches for newer drivers like 21.83)
    Well I used the SoftQuadroed drivers (converting MX400 to Quadro2 MXR under Win2K) but after benchmarking in 3DS MAX 3.1 didn't find out any differences!!? Even after optimizing the OpenGL driver specificly for 3DS MAX. Anybody can enlighten me about this?
  5. See the light: GLoriaELSA GLoria DCC3DMAX&NavList=All FilesELSA GLoriaELSA GLoria DCC3D Studio MAX drivers&CatChars=03131905&NavChars=09111521

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  6. Well what I saw was ELSA's Maxtreme driver!
    Do you mean you have to install Maxtreme for getting all the performance lying there? Shouldn't nVidia's drivers be at least half good? Because believe me they don't show ANY performance increase! Even with enabling anti-aliased lines under OpenGL configuration in 3DS MAX...
  7. Well, there is a slight increase- at least I saw it when going to Quadro. However, what the maxtreme drivers do is optimize 3dsmax itself for the quadro series, therefore utilizing all the features- it would be like playing a game on a gf3 that doesn't have any of the optimizations, and then hacking teh code so that it is optimized for the gf3. Believe me, maxtreme makes Max run much, much faster.

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  8. Thanks for the info!
    BTW I forgot to ask this last time: Can I download and run Maxtreme and install it on my PC? I mean it's only a SoftQuadroed MXR and not a real one; Doesn't this pose a problem? Are you using it yourself?
  9. It'll run. It checks that u have a quadro renderer, and that's what softquadro does- it changes it to quadro renderer. Enjoy!

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  10. Hi,

    I have NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT can I covert it into Quadro through RivaTuner



    Gouhar - the answer is "no".
  12. Since I got absolutely no useful feedback on the forums regarding a question similar to this one, I dug a bit on my own.

    Simple answer - you can't convert modern geforces into modern quaddros.

    What we did instead, was buy a bunch of inexpensive gamer cards (msi 9600gt in our case) to use instead of quaddros.
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