Nvidia Drivers?????

I have the ASUS V7100 PRO MX400 running the latest ASUS drivers (equivalent to Nvidia Detonator 21.81 drivers) on WinXP.

My graphics card works great and I have had no problems with it however I am having a problem with my software DVD player.

I have been attempting to play DVD's through my PC onto a TV. I have been using the Clone mode in TwinView settings to duplicate the desktop onto my TV. The desktop is replicated correctly on my TV and when I play video files (.mpg or .avi etc.) they run fine. To test it, I have also recently run these file types through my ASUS DVD software player that shipped with my card, and they too display on my TV correctly.

The problem comes when I attempt to play a DVD using the ASUS DVD player with my TV as a cloned display. As soon as the DVD begins playing the colour on my TV goes very dark. When this happens my monitor remains unaffected. As the DVD plays, and even in the menu's, the colour remains dark. After a short period of time the colour starts to slowly become brighter. When it reaches a point of brightness just below that of my monitor it begins flashing bright and dark. Each flash lasts for roughly 1 second and it repeats the flashing about 6 or 7 times. After it stops flashing it returns to the darker screen and settles for a short time. After a while it again repeats the flashing sequence. This dark colour affects the whole display. It is the same even if I minimise the DVD player and work in another window. As soon as the DVD is stopped the colour returns to normal, even if the DVD player remains open. This has become VERY annoying as I can no longer watch DVD's on my TV.

At first I thought the problem to be in the TwinView settings. I have attempted to find the correct PAL settings for the TV output as my locale is not listed. I am in Australia and although I am unsure I believe we use the PAL-N colour setting. I have attempted to use this setting (from another locale listed) but it does not solve the problem. After this I tried every locale, and therefore colour setting, that was listed but I had no success. I do not know what I should try next or what might be causing the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem????? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
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  1. See if the newest NVidia drivers from Nvidia's site can help. They also support TwinView.

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  2. How are you hooking up your computer into the TV? There are copy protects that interfere with the signal if you run them though a VCR. Try a direct TV hookup. Also, some players won't work for DVD on any TV output. It's suposedly a copy protect.

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  3. You are a brilliant man :)

    I had it runnin through my video so I hooked it up to the TV directly and it works perfectly.

    THANKS :))
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