XP uptime :)

Just wanted you to know, my Windows XP Pro scored half an hour ago 30 days uptime :). In this time I was using it to:
1. Playing games : Warlords IV, Freelancer, Tron 2.0, Diablo 2, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Civ III, Tribes 2
2. Watching & capturing TV (DScaler, iuVCR)
3. Watching demos (www.scene.org kind of demos, not game demos :)
4. Java programming
5. WWW surfing
6. AVIs, MPGs, MP3s, MIDIs, SWFs, OGGs, WMVs, and other media files watching & listening
7. SETI@Home, eMule running all the time in the background

My hardware : P4 1.4GHz, Intel D850GBAL board, 512MB RAM, Radeon 9500 Pro, SB Audigy 1, BT878 based TV card.

I belive I can call my system stable :).

The bad thing is, there are new drivers for both audio and vid card, but I hate to kill my Windows with such a nice uptime. I'll wait with new drivers until Windows hangs, or something :).
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  1. nice uptime!
  2. Post you IP, maybe I can fix that stability issue you have, hehehe...
    I also have a pretty stable sys, but prefer to reboot every 4 days-week cause you get a real performance boost (frees up memory).

    I'm a nuclear reactor cooling system programmer, if you see me running, it's probably already too late.
  3. yea, I would wait on the drivers untill you have problems. Or at least make sure you can revert to the old drivers if the new ones dont work.
  4. Man i love transport tycoon deluxe.

    do you mind giving me it :D please.

    i used to have it long long ago and was gutted that they never made a newer one. it had a few bugs that would be cool to fix. but other than that it was a solid game.

    (pity about the computers AI though)

    as for 30 days yeah not to bad.


    <A HREF="http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz" target="_new">http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz</A> its where its all going on, oh and its also all going on HERE <A HREF="http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/" target="_new">http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/</A>
  5. Run any P2P program and search for it, I found it very easly using eMule :). Look for Win32 version of the game, it runs very well, with all sound & music, and very fast - on my rig it takes from 3% up to 8% of CPU time :). Nice game to play if you have some heavy task in the background that needs to be done, like video recompressing.
  6. ""AVIs, MPGs, MP3s, MIDIs, SWFs, OGGs, WMVs, and other media files watching...""

    lol, anything else you wish to ad to this "wish list"?

    Playing with AVIs alone will make you to reboot, especially Divx (try to rename couple of them, get "Properties", etc), so keep going ""AVIs, MPGs, MP3s, MIDIs, SWFs, OGGs, WMVs, and other media files watching..."", gg

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  7. XP runs for 60 days at a time for me, but it seems to act weird after that.

    Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  8. its wierd how back in the day it was normal for windows to crash daily. i expected it. now i get pissed if windows ever crashes.

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  9. < now i get pissed if windows ever crashes. >

    if windowz dont crash there is something wrong with yer using it, mabee you just play MP3s and browse the net, 98SE or ME could to it for me for several days as well, there is no need for XP just for that.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  10. to say that xp never crashes is the language of a fool. it is very rare but it does happen. and no i dont just browse the internet. i do every thing from audio/video compression to games.

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  11. Let's just say, that I can make BSOD on demand, any time :). Steps:
    1. Turn on FSAA/AF in your ATI configuraton tab
    2. Run Candytron intro (party version)
    3. Watch BSOD :)
    Haven't tried it for a long time, perhaps with newer Catalyst it would not crash... The point is, usually user knows what may crash his system, and tries to avoid such things :). I have not changed anything in my comp since last December (when I bought Radeon 9500Pro, on December 16th it will be exactly one year :D), so I think I know my system, and I know how to prevent it from crashing (or how to crash it if I really really want to :).

    BTW had to turn off my comp for a while, so my best uptime is 32 days 2 hours and 16 minutes.
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