GeForce3 Ti200 woes... please help

I've reviewed previous posts and haven't found anything to answer my question, so a post of my own:

For Christmas I received a PNY GeForce3 Ti200... sweet I thought, better than the old 16MB TNT... After installing the card, it works fine, no probs with drivers (so I think), or anything.
After an hour or so, my screen goes to a neat cyan square overlay, near-checkerboard. I can't click on anything, but the mouse moves, then freezes.
The manual says "check the seating of the card", so I take it out and reinstall it. I get the latest drivers from Nvidia, get the latest mobo drivers, get the latest mobo Bios... it happens again... I've even tried upping the refresh rate, from 60 to 70 to 72 to 75... and I think it's still happening. The weird thing is, my brother can use the computer for 7 hours with no problems -- very inconsistent, I haven't been using any special progs, just mail and IE6...

here's my system
-Enermax 300W PSU
-Samsung Synchmaster 700P Plus monitor
-MSI K7T 266 Pro-R mobo (the one that they stopped producing the week after I bought it :( )
-60GB Maxtor 7200rpm HD
-16.1GB Fujitsu 5400rpm hd
-AMD Athlon 1400MHz CPU
-SoundBlaster Live 5.1
-burner, dvd, etc...

any help is appreciated...

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  1. You could be running out of power, the GeForce3 needs more energy then the TNT. But I don't know if the errors you get are usual for that.

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  2. Did the card or the motherboard come with an AGP Retention Mechanism? It's a rectangular plastic doohickey (technical term) that fits around your AGP slot and locks onto a "hook" on the bottom of the video card. It might not seem like it's the root of the problem, but when I installed my GeForce 3 Ti2 I couldn't get any video until I attached the mechanism. Other than that, I'd guess you need a stronger psu. 350W+, I'd wager.

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  3. Hmmm... not that I know of... my mobo has an AGP-Pro slot, and there's a plastic rectangular dohicky thing filling the spots that the card doesn't occupy, but that wasn't a problem with my other card either...

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  4. Yes, that's only to secure the card and AGP Pro slot if you aren't using an AGP Pro card.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. did you propely uninstall previous card?

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  6. That 300w Enermax should be plenty of power, don't go buy a new PS, only as a last resort.

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  7. I feel your woes!! I also received the same exact pny ti 200 for xmas to replace my matrox g400 32 mb card, I have never had any nvidia drivers on my fresh XP pro install and after a few hours of using it I got this strange light blue squares(checkerboard) effect. it said due to the nvidia drivers it has become unstable and it rebooted before I could read the rest.I have since installed the 2188 and 2280 drivers after first removing all NV*.* remaining files in standard vga display adapter mode yet it still comes back.To be perfectly honest, I got the card to hopefully improve my fps in ghost recon and it really didn't improve much. The graphics taking advantage of T&L are not that big of a deal on max payne and other games I have. I know my system is the major bottleneck since it only a p3 500, 256 mb pc133,7200 rpm seagate hdd,win xp pro, ect... I will be upgrading soon but just wanted to get the video card 1st.I think it's more than just the power supply cause I too have a 300 w and have no problems until this card went into my system. I have alot of cooling and have not even overclocked it yet, want it stable at default before I even try to overclock it :). Hopefully it will get resolved somehow.
  8. yeah I had the exact same problem, but then I installed the 23.11 drivers, and the via 4.37a drivers and updated the bios, and they went away.
  9. Thanks for the hints... I eventually did a clean reinstall of Win2kPro (I got the squares, but it just beeped once and froze... no "instability msg"). After reinstalling, I loaded the drivers et al and everythings super fine now... adn fast. :) I love my life again!

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