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Are USB modems any good? In Windows, how do I determine the USB version (1.0, 1.1, 2.0) of my PC?

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  1. You would have to look at your mobo specs probably. Personally I don't think i would use one since that's just another medium to deal with on a network.

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  2. Most motherboard have USB 1.1. That will be good enough for modem.
  3. Well, the PC in question is a 1-year old IBM Thinkpad.

    So, did anyone try a USB modem? Are they better or worse than regular modems?
  4. my personal opinion is that usb is for scanners,webcams and such.

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  5. I think USB is great for most external peripherial. I have keyboard, mouse, digital camera, CDRW, printer, scanner, and cable modem connect to the USB port and they all works great.
  6. I got a USB Cable Modem and it runs geat! Between 100 and 300Kbps! I see no problem so i can recommend it to ya!

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