this video card ...

i have inno2 geforce2 pro with 64 megs of ram, but in a bios it says 32
what wrong with it?
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  1. Does it ALWAYS say 32, or does it vary?
    Look for pics and make sure you didn't actually get a 32meg version.

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  2. it always says 32 in post, but on video card it says 64
    maybe it is a bios mystake?
  3. Go to your program folder then to the directx folder then setup. Run DxDiag. It's a microsoft utility that allows you to test sound/video It will query your vid card and tell you how much memory it has.
  4. thanks a lot i will check with out tonight
    i have another problem i have no picture when i connect tv with my vidio card
    how can i fix it?
  5. i tested it says 31.5 megs
    but with powerstrip is says 65.5 megs
    is it effecting my performance?
  6. you might have some O/B vid card, bios does not show AGP's card memory information.

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  7. so how can i fix it
    can i flash my bios or something?
  8. You will have to go into advanced settings in you display properties window, there it should have a tab that says displays, select TV Out and you should be fine. One note on TV Out, NVidia cards will not send a good signal to a TV, the text will be very blurry and you make experience other artifacts on the screen. Also, because the the card does not use Hdravision, you will have to keep your screen resolution to a max of 800 X 600.

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
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