I was searching on pricewatch for the cheapest Radeon 8500(retail) I could find. I found one for about 220 USD with shipping, but then I found one that's cheaper... but... it has a different name!!!

The name of it is the "Power Magic ATI Radeon 8500." I found at this site: You're gonna have to search for it there. Does anyone know more about this thing? Is it a slower version of the 8500 or what? Or is it different (and cheaper) because it has different Tv in/out stuff. Does anyone know the real speed of this thing?

I have another quick question. I decided to get the 8500 radeon (retail version). Here are my specs:

HP 9795c (I hate brand computers....)
1.4ghz P4
sucky HP motherboard
windowsME (messed-up HP version)
128mb rdram (will add another 256 in a month or two)

Does anyone know of any conflicts the 8500 might have with my motherboard, or know where, on the internet, I can find out about possible conflicts?? If anyone thinks I should get a geforce ti-200, let me know (and why).

My Cyrix 333mhz beats the snot out of my Pentium4 1.4ghz!
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  1. That = Radeon LE with the Power Color name on it.

    Well the only maker i know that is going to make mofidy radeon 8500's different from the generic ATi Design is Gigabyte giving it 3.5ns DDR clocked at retail speeds and some powerful OC'ing tools.

    I Love playing on my GameCube or PC cuz there both ATi powered... :smile:
  2. Radeon LE as in teh orig!? Wow, that sure as hell is mean of them to name it that way!

    What if your life moved.....2 inches to the left?
  3. the le is clocked at 250/250 not 275/275 the only cards i know are clocked at 275 are genuine ATI retail
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