Vcache (rubberbband reply pls)

whats the MinFileCache and MaxFileCache for a 128mb SDRAM...
and also tell me how to calculate it
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  1. MinFileCache=4096
    The settings I posted for you caused the minimum size of the cache to be 4MB, which is good for performance. The standard rule-of-thumb in this kind of situation is that the maximum number is really the important one, and that it should be set at around 25% of your RAM. These figures are expressed in Kb (multiply by 1024). I'm not sure if you'd see a performance increase. These settings are generally used to fix a problem with Win 9x and ME not utilizing 512 Mb (or more) of ram properly. Try it and see you can always delete them later. By the way thank Toejam31 he's the guy that taught me those settings.
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