G3 ti200 giving me TERRIBLE performance

Problem: GeForce 3 ti200 card is performing, well, like crap.

here are the steps ive taken already to try and fix the problem:

Gotten a new mother board (the other one had a bad bios cip)

Reformated, reinstalled everything

Installed the latest motherboard drivers

Installed the latest video drivers

tried the drivers that came on the CD

Ive disabled anti aliasing

The card this STILL WILL NOT work well. It wont change the screen resolution and it generaly runs like junk. Frame rate drop, mouse lag, etc. Think Anarchy Online on release day

Anyone have any last ditch advcie for me before i just take this POS back and downgrad (or should i say upgrade? ) back to a GeForce 2?

sytem specs:
cpu: amd athlon 1.33ghz
mobo: msi k7t turbo 2 via 133a chipset
ram: 256 pc133
video: MSI G3 ti200-pro td
OS: win 98se
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  1. Use the 21.83 drivers from nvidias website, NOT the 23.11's which have issues with via chipsets sometimes.(hence the fact they are beta).

    You may have a bad card, so if the new drivers dont work, try returning for a replacement.

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  2. have you tried different settings in your BIOS for 'AGP aperture size' ?
    Try it at 128 or 256.

    Also, check to see if active desktop is disabled, cos enabling it has caused me problems before.

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  3. I am experiencing sort of the same problem on my K6-2 450 MHz, with a GeForce2 MX 400, & 256 megs of PC-133 SDRAM. It really Pees me off that my PCI Creative 3D Blaster Voodoo2 performs noticibly BETTER in all games. I left a thread earlier about this problem.

    What really freaks me out is that I've made a hobby of studying System benchmarks with various hardware combonations for well over a year, and when I install the new Graphics Card, it does not perform on par with system benchmarks that have system configurations similar to mine. I know the k6-2 450 is no Athlon XP; nor is the GeForce2 MX 400 a Radeon 8500; but the fact is both are reasonably very decent hardware and should score more than 19 FPS! I had 25 with the Voodoo2! I removed the Voodoo2, reformatted my HD, changed my OS from Win95 SE to Win98 SE, installed the ALi Aladdin V AGP chipset Drivers, and I still have Cruddy performance. In fact, I now avoid playing games on this system and feel much more comforatable playing Half-Life on my Pentium 233 MMX becuase at least it runs good for what it is. I hope this can be solved by changing several settings in my BIOS, but unlike on other BIOS's I've seen, I cannot find an option to select the AGP transfer RATE.
  4. Check if your monitor refresh rate isn't set to high.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  5. Try driver revision 6.31. Yes, it's old, but it works perfectly on most systems. Download Detonator Destroyer to get rid of your newer drivers.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  6. Do not use anything lower than 12.41 for geforce 3 cards, performance is terrible and some features are not properly supported.

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  7. Ooops, saw that was in relation to the gf2 mx guy, not the origional poster.

    advice still good however.

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  8. Thanks Matisaro, it looks like your a fairly helpful guy. l'll try your suggestion and see if that does some good. I did forget one thing though. During the whole POST test my video signal blinks off & on, off & on, ..., of & on. I am not sure which BIOS settings could be affect that. Neither my Voodoo2 nor the Blade 3D AGP card did this; nevertheless, I still think its possible BIOS settings are affecting the situation.

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  9. Video signal blinking on and off may be a bad monitor cable. Make sure connections are tight.

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  10. I too am getting poor gaming performance with my new Creative GF3 Ti200! I'm using the Creative drivers (based on 21.85) and DirectX8.1, but 3DMark is the only thing in which I get better results than my old GF2 (and then mainly because of the nature test).
    I tried overclocking to 200/460 to see how much difference it would make, but it hasn't done anything! It only added 30 3DMarks to take me to 5310!

    I'm running an Athlon 1.1GHz with 512MB SDRAM on an Asus A7V - does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
  11. This works for me. Clean install of Via, nVidia, and DirectX.

    To do a clean install of Via 4-in-1's use the latest installer. When prompted to install each component select the "Uninstall" option. When done DO NOT REBOOT. Just run the installer a second time and let the components install.

    To do clean install of the Detonators get a copy of Detonator Destroyer. (Right now I don't know where you can get it because Guru3D.com is out of service. Supposedly they will be back at the end of this week). Do a normal uninstall of the nVidia drivers via Control Panel then run Detonator Destroyer to clean up the extraneous files.

    DirectX can be uninstalled with DirectX Uninstaller but it is hard to find. If you do find it best results are had when the .inf file (that's all it is) is installed in Windows Safe Mode. Use Right-Click to install an .inf file.

    I recommend you do ALL of the above clean installs whenever you change any of the following: BIOS, 4-in-1 drivers, nVidia Detonator, Direct X. This just eliminates so many problems, including poor performance, 3D crashes, resolution and color depth problems, blinking cursor on a black screen and others.


    The old DirectX Uninstaller link, www.ebrink.com, now points to a new site, <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/firecat182/" target="_new">http://www.geocities.com/firecat182/</A>, with a new utility DirectX Eradicator.

    I haven't tested this new utility (so you're on your own) but where DirectX Uninstaller only worked for Windows 9x/ME, DirectX Eradicator claims to work for Win2K as well (but not Windows XP).

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  12. This is an excerpt from an Ace's Hardware upgrade article.

    "The Geforce 3 can only perform well when it is running on a DDR motherboard. It seems that the Geforce 3 needs more bandwidth from main memory than the Geforce 2 GTS. At this point, I am not sure why."

    The above refers to using a Geforce3 Ti 500 vs a Geforce2 GTS on a KT133 motherboard but with only a Duron 850

    Read the article to see if it is relevant to your problem. (Click the link below).

    <A HREF="http://www.aceshardware.com/read.jsp?id=45000224" target="_new">http://www.aceshardware.com/read.jsp?id=45000224</A>

    By the way, did you score 5310 in 3DMark2000 or 3DMark2001?

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