Concerned about my Gforce 3 Ti200

About a month ago I purchased an Asus v8200 G-Force 3 Ti200 Pure. At first I was pleased with the card but after reading the "Win, Lose or Ti - 21 GeForce Titanium Boards" article on Tom's Hardware site now I'm having doubts about it.

First, this card doesn't have no heatsink for the ram, and the heatsink/fan for the chipset looks like a crappy one. Every other Gforce 3 Ti200 card that was in that article had a heatsink for the ram, and a much better fan. Even the deluxe version of the same card that I have has one. So now I'm worried, and frustrated because now I have a greater risk of damaging the card if I try to overclock it.

Second, my benchmark tests don't seem to be up to par. I have an AMD Tbird 900, 256mb DDR ram, Abit KG7, IBM 7200rpm 45gig HD. I tried various drivers, various O/S (98SE and XP) and my score only ranges from 5000-5230. I was thinking I should be more in the 6000 area.

PS I was just thinking, can you purchase and assemble heatsinks youself? I feel really unsafe without the heatsinks, especially since every other card has them.
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  1. When not overclocked, don't worry about the RAM having no heat sink it's not a problem. If you're desperate to overclock, I know that there are some RAM heat sinks and better graphics card heat sinks out there, but I have know idea about who how or where of them.

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    There are some basic video ram heatsinks here .

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  3. Why would you worry over such score? Is it in 3dMark 2001?
    If so, this is quite normal and quite good for a 900MHZ system.
    Also why would you worry over the overclocking especially when in the OC tests, the Asus Ti200 went top overclocker at normal cooling and it has no heatsinks on RAM??? Check out the article again and look well at the details. Do not worry about the card, it is one of the best from Asus IMO.

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  4. If he's worried so be it. The heatsinks to make him feel better are quite cheap and easy to get. More than likely it'll cost him more in shipping than the sinks.
  5. I bought the deluxe version of this card which came with ramsinks. But i cant push the memory speed past 400 which it ships at anyway. The GPU on the other hand, goes up to 220 no probs from the clock 175.

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  6. thanx everyone for your input
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