Do Not Buy This Card

I bought this card and feel really foaled by PALIT
Palit Daytona GeForce 3 Ti 200 64MB DDR Tv-out Retail.
and I got this one:
No DVI connector

No S-Video --> RCA converter
for composite and maybe only for
use of S-VHS, TV or Video set
The tips on this page says that the card only and only is for
(TV-out (only for owners of equipment with S-Video))
and I feel that my swedish reseller (
did not know this:

Directx8.1 betaversion

Retail ??? No way !!!
It just shipped in a nice box included
the card and CR-Rom with bad drivers
What is the difference between
RETAIL and BUNDLE in this case, Palit?
False advertising, I suggest

If you are going to buy this card make sure the TV-ship
is developed by CONEXANT. There are two developers making TV-ship for Daytona? Crontel and Conexant and I got the bad one !!!!

And I also feel that this card is a BETA too.

Palit´s homepage have been down for a week now.

And finally I got some response sending over
100:s of mail and they only say:
There are 3 versions.
1. Pure VGA.
2. with S-video TV-out
3. TV-OUT and DVI.
So, what you bought?

- "It looks you are uneducated."

I answered Palit:
Thanks, how could I ever know there are 3 versions
my swedish reseller do commercials that the
card comes with DVI & TV-Out and he only
offer ONE VERSION. Btw, all the testpage
on Internet dont say anything about 3 versions?
BTW, there?s a green label on the box it says:
g-force 3 Ti200
64 MB DDR w/Tv-out and I just wondering what
"w" stands for?

Display Adapter Information
GF3 TI200
Bus Type:
64 MB
TV Encoder Type:
Chrontel 7007
Windows ME
Sorry for my bad language I am swedish, you know.
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  1. the "w" in w/tv-out stands for with. Can you return the card for a different one?

    Tom's Hardware Tested... Buyer Approved!!
  2. Tjena!

    Låter för jävligt! Kan Du inte ringa och skälla ut dem!?
    En liten fundering; hur mycket fick Du betala för kortet?

    mvh/Ännu en svensk
  3. Howdy,

    Tackar för svaret!
    Trevligt med lite svenska killar här.
    Visst är det för djävligt.
    Du kan läsa vidare här:
    I bought this card in Sweden from
    Palit Daytona GeForce 3 Ti 200 64MB DDR Tv-out Retail.
    Price: 2200:- swedish crones = $220
    Because the failure of missing parts I have spent about
    400:- swedish crones = $40 for traveling and bought of
    cabel for tv-out. Remember also that I have spent
    many hours to get this card function included all the
    tips I have found on the Internet, but :-(
    And is this the results of a bad reseller from sweden too :-(

    The first thing I notice was that my retail-version had
    been already up-packet. Someone else already opened it.

    The second thing I notice was the REATIL version that did not
    include any:
    - MANUAL,
    - CABEL for TV-out.
    - DVI-connector
    But there was a version of PowerDVD and serialnumbers
    in the installation directory?????
    Just wondering if it´s legal doing that. I have sent mail to the
    developers of PowerDVD asking questions about the bundled
    version of PowerDVD.

    The thierd thing is that there are only greay-scale for TV-out.
    when using a S-VHS connector.
    I also tryied a S-VHS--->RCA and used a composite cabel
    no picture at all. Read below.**
    The tips on this page says that the card only and only is for
    (TV-out (only for owners of equipment with S-Video))
    and I feel that my reseller did not know this.

    There seems to be 2 developers doing TV-ship for Daytona?
    Crontel and Conexant and I sure got the BAD one.

    FAN, what a little crap is that fan :-)
    - Ineffective cooler on the GPU;
    - Scarce set of accessories.

    And finally my Cristmas was a bit boring, because my
    new DVD-player and my new DVD-movie a got for cristmas
    only showed up image in greay-scale whith
    same bad help from this card.

    No new drivers on your page, but who cares anyway this
    [-peep-] bad card is going back to the seller or I just let it
    go down the drain.
  4. You paid for a Daytona card? What were you thinking?

    "Ignorance is bliss, but I tend to get screwed over."
  5. Still no homepage Palit Microsystem,INC, down for 8 days now. This is how they treat their costumers, bad really bad.
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