Found my self the coolest MMOG

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the game World War II online from (approx. 100 mb) signed up for an account $19.99 just to check the game out.

What a supprise ... this game is like nothing I have ever played before. ... Im not able to compare it to anything I know of.
Its an virtual battlefield anno 1940, theater set in western europe, which is modeled in a scale 1:2 from real sattelite data and 1940 war maps.
To fly a plane from Köln germany to Dover England taks due to the map scale half the time i would take in real life.
This game world is huge.
Populated with tousand of players ... no computer controlled units here.
As a player you spawn in as navel, ground or air unit.
As ground you see trucks loaded with infantry on thiere way to the front passing long colums of different tanks and artelleri, At the same time huge formations of He111 bombers pass over your head escorted by fighters.
Each unit controlled by another player interacting in the same world and game inviorment.
The way you need to cooperate with the different arms types and players is like nothing I have ever tried.

This game roxx!!


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  1. This game had a ton of problems when it first came out. I did a little beta testing on it. Have they solved the horrible lag problem? I always thought it would be a cool concept. Is that 19.95 a month? That is expensive.

    I might have to try it out again.

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  2. The lag is as good as gone ... a new netcode in beta should triple the data stream and eliminate what might be left.

    graphichs have had a major overhoul ... Old accounts is just reoppend for free to let old players try the "new" game for a limited time.

    Price is 12.95 us$ /month
    Purchase is 19.95 us$

  4. Yeah Battlefield 1942 looks cool. I just played the single player demo earlier, and will download the multiplayer demo sometime later. Fun game. The original <b>Starseige: Tribes</b> is still my personal favorite. Those speed airbikes were awesome. It looked funny to see ppl flying around in those hover vehicles too.

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  5. Battlefield is a great fun game, both online and single player. But to say the game "RUNS GOOD" is a stretch. That game is as buggy as anything I have ever tried. You'd better have a fairly fast system to be able to run it over 800X600. Even at that resolution some people have to turn down the settings. Plus I never thought it looked all that great.

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  6. On my Athlon XP 2000+, 256 MB 2100ddr, R8500le 64MB, I have to play at 800x600 (16) in order for it not to lag too much. Plus the graphics aren't stellar. The gameplay is really fun, but yeah the game, or at least the demo, runs poorly on what I'd think is a decent system. Buggy too. I get this error periodically where the view remains slightly zoomed. I can't find a way to fix it other than restarting. Regardless, a fun game. Still, the performance issues scare me away from buying it.

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    Guns kill people just like spoons make Rosie O'Donnell fat.
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  7. I only have a amd athlon 1.4, and i play it on 1024by768,and it runs just fine. Plus I only have a geforce2 pro. If i had a better graphics card it probaly run better.
  8. BF1942 might be a good game, but I have run it on the same system as you and as far as I'm concerned it looks like Doom compared to other games. It looks horrible.

    There's not a chance in hell I'd play that game again until they fix the graphics. Especially when a game like MOHAA looks so good.

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  9. If you disable and lower most of the settings (including sound) then yes it's not a problem. Unfortunatly this makes the game look like it was created about 2 years ago. People with 256MB or ram or less will have problems with the game.

    Playing single player will have a much larger hit on performance than multi. But that's only because of the bots and the AI. Then again...who want's to play single player with that game?

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  10. I need to try the multiplayer demo because in the SP demo it is not performing too brilliantly.

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    Guns kill people just like spoons make Rosie O'Donnell fat.
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  11. BF1942 is by far greater than WWII Online.

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  12. The multiplayer demo of BF1942 runs smooth on my dad's PC (Athlon 1200, 256MB ram, and Geforce 2 Pro 64MB) but crashes a lot, especially if I try to change control profiles, which is annoying because it always seems to default to the wrong control profile!

    However, I personally don't like it that much. With the speed at which you can get gunned down in the game, it feels like Rainbow Six combined with arcade style respawning power ups (those would be the vehicles) and flag captures and stuff. It's a really jarring combination.

    I know some people are going to accuse me of blasphemy here, but the only reason I play BF1942 is because I often can't get on a good server for the Command and Conquer: Renegade multiplayer demo. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a cheap copy of Renegade soon, because the full version allows you to use Westwood's servers as well as Gamespy's.
  13. I run BF1942 at 1024x768 LOD at max (I use AF but not AA). I have a Tbird at 1.33-1.5 Ghz, SDRAM, and an overclocked Radeon 8500. Smooth as glass but the game needs lots of memory. 256 MB is not enough. I have 384 MB and it runs fine for about an hour but slows down more and more. (A memory cleanup program fixes this).

    I found a Tweak Guide for BF1942 at which recommends 512 MB but even with this tweak may be need. The guide also mentions that with 768 MB no tweaks are necessary.

    I don't seem to be having any problems with just 384 MB. With 256 MB my level load times exceeded 2 minutes and the game was choppy. With just the extra 128 MB the game smoothed out. Levels now load in about 30 seconds. Plus the game looks much better. Don't know why the extra memory would have changed this unless the game automatically adjusts the texture quality based on system/memory configuration.

    My point is 256 MB is not enough for this game and even 512 MB is not optimal.

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  14. How did this go from being about a MMOG to a non-MMOG? 64 players in one game does not make a MMOG.
  15. Quote:
    How did this go from being about a MMOG to a non-MMOG? 64 players in one game does not make a MMOG.

    LOL! Well I guess we went from Coolest Massively Multiplayer Online Game to just Cool Multiplayer Online Game.

    <b>99% is great, unless you are talking about system stability</b>
  16. I've got the demo for Battlefield 1942, I guess I should check it out.
  17. ww2 sounds like an awesome game... id like to see a similar concept in the hands of some competant game developers. bf1942 is ok. it absolutly sucks in infantry mode tho... however flying around and driving tanks evens it out somewhat...
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