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I have an E500 (compaq) that has a wimpy 4200RPM 12GIG HDD that is woefully small.
I saw on MWAVE a Toshiba/IBM 40GIG 7200RPM HDD replacement and was inquiring if it would a) would work as a replacement b) upgrading the HDD is easy for E500's C)save myself headaches going thru HP Support?

Any one done any HDD replacements? Straighforward or 40 miles of bad road?

Any Ideas or suggestions????
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  1. Hi,

    I've made quite a few upgrade of armada E500:
    6 or 12 Gb hdds to 30 gbs ones (Toshiba - ICN25N030ATDA04-0).
    Only stuff you might have to do is upgrade the bios.
    For the rest it is pretty straightforward (get the frame from the old 12 gb hdd and place it on the new hdd - plug into the laptop - done).

    Hopes this help
  2. Befor you start looking for compaq. try here http://h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/Armada/us/family/model/1006.html
    It drivers updates.
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