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i own a 2010 mac book pro and recently got infected with a mac virus. did a scan mcafee and removed it and recommended a reboot to completely uninstall it. as soon as i logged on i checked to see the if it was successfully removed but it won't open. now whenever i go on the inter net a pop-up related to mcafee says that 1 have 15 trojan droppers and a root kit. i tried to find the mcafee uninstall so it wouldn't continuously pop up. but can't find it i also tried terminal too. so if anyone could please help that would be nice.
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  1. You want to disable your virus protection so it'll stop telling you about the viruses you have? I think you're going about this the wrong way. Worry about getting rid of those trojan things.
  2. What version OSX? and what Viruses/Trojans/RootKits are being identified?

    Unless you have a very old copy of OSX, there aren't any active viruses or RootKits; Trojans do exist but would require Administrator access to install.
  3. So you want to unistall your anti-virus so it'll stop telling you your infected? LOOOL

    That's like removing the brakes on your car because they won't stop squeaking.
  4. the thing is its not letting me remove the trojan
  5. dan macduff said:
    the thing is its not letting me remove the trojan
    Bring it into an Apple retailer and they will help you.I use Clam Xva for over a year and never it detected a virus or a trojan.
  6. How did Mcafee identify your trojan? What's it called?
  7. He does not know the name of the trojan.
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