AGP Aperture size

in the bios there is the option of AGP Aperture Size and the setting range is 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256m
what is the work of this option?
and how it effects on the performance of the graphic card?
and how should figure the best settings for my graphic card?

i do have Voodoo 3 3000 AGP how is the best for it?
also have hercules 3d prophet 4500 32 mb (KyroII) so what is the best for it?

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  1. What AGP Aperture size does is limit the amount of system RAM that the AGP bus can use when the onboard graphics RAM is used up. I kept mine at 64Mb until i played Max Payne which kept crashing. I upped the size to 128Mb & no more crashes.
  2. The basic rule:

    Set is as high as it will go. If you start to experience crashes in graphics intensive apps (e.g. most video games) knock it down a notch. Repeat as necessary.

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  3. thanks guys for the help

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  4. Had mine set to 128, when I played Midtown Madness most "faces" (2 faces=1 polygon) were "reversed" and the game behaved strange.
    When I lowered it to 64 Mb all the problems dissapeared.

    I´ve heard that a good value would be double of the mem size on the graphicscard, although it didn´t work in this case it might be true in general.

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  5. The half of your system memory and then closest setting is also a good value.

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  6. I have mine set to about 64 (equal to my video memory). I have heard people say that it increases your performance to increase the video apperature, but I think they are wrong. I tested it at 32, 64, and 128 and I got about 8630 on 3DMark2001 every time.

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  7. They're not necessarily wrong cos I noticed a massive difference on my system between 64 and 128. My benchmark scores more than doubled when i switched to 128. I have 256 meg of DDR and a 64MB ti200

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  8. Then your AGP card isn't useing its 64MB of memory. Any card with 64MB of onboard DDR memory isn't going to use the system memory much, therefor you should leave it around 64MB aperature size. If you had a huge difference you may want to see what going on with the onboard memory. Only other thing is some bottleneck that would cause the card to use crazy amounts of memory. Im just going on the basis that 99% of applications and games don't use 32MB let alone 64MB of memory.

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  9. my vedio card memory is 32mb and the computer ram is 512mb, so which aperture size is the best for me?

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  10. spend a little time trying all the different options to see what works best with your system. Everybody will tell you different things so it's best to see for yourself. 3dmark 2001 and quake3 will give you good benchark indications.

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