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I have a very big dillema here. I currently have a TNT2 32MB Graphics card with 667Mhz P3 and 128MB RAM. My problem is that I got a really sweet deal on a ti500 (190$ US) but im not sure if I should buy it now or wait for next gen Geforce4 to come out in march. As you can see I really need the upgrade but I was also planning to upgrade my whole system to an Athlon XP and 512MB DDR RAM. I could wait and get the whole package together (and suffer with current PC) or get the ti500 now and wait a bit longer for Processor Mobo and RAM. I'm on a pretty tight budget for the whole thing. Im willing to pay about 850$ for the whole ensemble. Need some help deciding. To Wait or Not To Wait, That is The Question :P
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  1. When you think about it, the GF4 is gonna take time still to be out and shipped, and it will obviously cost even more than GF3 Ti500s, so expect a 500$ mark all-around. If I was you, I'd get that sweet ass deal anyday!! You'll save and the other money can also go for other components not only CPU Mobo and RAM!! Man I'd buy that GF3 Ti500 at that price!!

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  2. Well I do need the upgrade. still not sure
  3. Well like I said, you can easily go up to 1000$ for that next generation power system, or you can take the deal and the upgrade for a low 600$ all-around or so. You save and you get money back!

    The other day I heard an explosion from the other side of town.... It was a 486 booting up...
  4. Generally speaking, software takes 6 months to take advantages of new features added in hardware (gaming software that is, other types take up to years to catch up). So you can buy a GeForce4 when it comes out, but by the time you get to use it's new features, it will have dropped by half in price!

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