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I just bought a new computer with WinXP and onboard Ethernet NIC. I would like to connect it to my old computer which is running Win98SE and Ethernet NIC for the purpose of file transfer from old to new only. After the file transfers are complete, the old computer will be removed from service.
Can I use a crossover Ethernet cable between the two NICs and set up the connection using WinXP? If so, how do I do it?
If the direct connection between the two computers is not possible, any suggestions on the most painless method of file transfers from old to new, other than CDRW? I won't be transferring applications, just data files.
Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.
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  1. crossover will work. Add TCP/IP protocol to both machines (if not already there, which it probably is) but don't choose "obtain Ip address automatically". Instead, give one machine the IP address with a mask of and the other machine the address with the same netmask. Default gateway would be the same is the IP address for each machine. You then should be able to share a drive on the 98 box, and map it from the XP box.

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  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try what you said when I get home tonite and let you know how it works out.
  3. slight addition to the above- which is either a typo or me not reading it right!

    Default gateway would be the same is the IP address for each machine

    the ip is different on both, the subnet is the SAME, the default gateway can be left empty.
    if you need to access the XP box from the 98 box (rather than vice versa) you will need to create an account on the xp box with the same name as the 98 box, also, ensure they are both on the same workgroup

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  4. yeah, left blank or same as IP. Either one will do.

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  5. ahhh, I knew it would be me ! I read it as the ip has to be the same lol

    If they squeeze olives to get olive oil, how do they get baby oil?
  6. I followed your instructions, and I got everything moved. Thanks so much. It wasn't easy, since I'm new to XP for 1 whole day!
    I do have another question now, though. When I use the connection for my DSL that I set up initially, it now starts up a "Local Area Connection" and my DSL connection, both running at 10Mbps. Yesterday, I only had my DSL connection showing when using the internet. Any clues?
    Thanks in advance for your help and quick responses.
  7. switch back to "obtain IP address automatically" to use DSL.

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  8. Both of the connections, Local & DSL, have "obtain IP address automatically" checked. I noticed that as soon as my computer boots, the Local connection is established. It didn't do that before. But I still have to open & use the DSL connection to access the Internet.
    I have tried disabling the Local one, but that disables my on-board LAN, then DSL won't work. The DSL connection says it is using WAN Miniport (PPOE). PPOE is the protocol uses for DSL. The Local connection says SIS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter. Shouldn't the DSL be using the SIS adapter?
    The saga continues....
  9. the dsl is using the sis nic, pppoe is just an authentication protocal. just run the setup disk that came with the dsl package again, if you didnt get one call tech support.

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  10. According to Ameritech I'm not supposed to use my original setup disk to establish DSL service with WinXP. I'm supposed to use the WinXP version of PPOE. When I originally set it up, it worked fine, with only the DSL connection showing in the task bar.
    It wasn't until after I set up the 2 computer ethernet connection mentioned earlier that I started having the 2 connections show up in the task bar. I never had a local connection icon in the network control panel before the 2 comp/connection. How do I get rid of it?
  11. just look in the properties for that connection, there should be a check box that says, show icon in taskbar or somthing like that.

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  12. Thanks to all of you that responded to my posts. It turns out that I had to use the System Restore function of WinXP to get rid of another problem that happened during software installation. That got rid of the network connection problem that I was having because I had to reconfigure my DSL connection.
    So, everything seems to be running just great now. Thanks again.
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