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Hey i have a question about Windows 7 upgrade disk. The upgrade disk is just a disk and doesn't come with any sort of serial or license number. When you use the disk the license number i would use would be my existing Vista number correct? I have never used an upgrade disk, ive always brought full retail versions.
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    You should get a license key with the disk. If you're downloading the upgrade from Technet then you need to get a key from the Technet web site. Copies of the disk or upgrade ISO can be had free of charge, the real item of value that you're purchasing is the license key.

    If it's an upgrade disk it will require a previous installation or license key as well as the license key for the upgrade.
  2. If you are asking if you can use a Windows 7 disk to upgrade by using your Vista key, then the answer is a big NO.
    You will need to purchase it.
  3. Yes, you will need to an upgrade key that comes with the upgrade media.

    On a side-note, Vista used to have a program called "Anytime Upgrade" in which you could get a pure "manila" installation of Vista, without the key. The key (license) would be purchased separately online to activate the software. I'm not sure if Microsoft will use an anytime upgrade program for W7, but if they did it still would require a W7 key, whether the key is given to online from Microsoft, or it came with the installation media.
  4. Ok thanks for the replies
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