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Hi All,
I have a radeon 8500 (lele) that I just moved to my new system. Problem is that when I connect my display to the radeon my computer starts giving beep codes and the display is off. This radeon is fine since I took it out of my old system. My new ssytem is up, since it works with my old (extremely old) PCI graphics card. I have a shuttle ak31 rev3.1 motherboard with a amd xp 1800+ in my new system.

Do the beep codes mean something and if so, where are they documented? Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thanks and Regards
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  1. If i'm right (and I think so...) the beep come from your motherboard because you have something that isn't plug correctly (processor, ram or video card). If you are lucky, the meaning of the beep codes should be in your mobo user guide.

    Good luck!

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  2. Reseat the video card, make sure that it is fully inserted into the APG slot.

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  3. Already did all the basics. I ran Wcpuid program and in the chipset info., it says that the agp spec rev is 2.0 and it's status is "disabled". How would I enable the AGP?

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