W98 Nvidia drivers-New ones SLOW!

Experimenting with Win98SE and XP
The Nvidia drivers 1080 are FASTEST in Win98
Q3 High Quality demo 1 120Fps
While the latest ones 2311 or 1283(?) are MUCH
slower...Q3 68-70!!

So the Much older drivers are 58% FASTER... what is going
on here?? (I have checked many times that V sync is OFF)

Now in XP the lastest drivers are faster... 118 vs 140Fps

I have done the "standard vga driver" dance several times.
I don't care about a "few" % one way or the other but
58% diff. something MUST be wrong.

Thoughts welcome!

System specs...
AThlon 1200/100
Abit Kt7e
Asus Geforce3 Ti 200 vid card (deluxe)

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  1. Thats because xp is the new standard os, they are optimising for the new os, if you dont like it, get xp, or stick with the old drivers.

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  2. Matisaro, that still doesn't make sense! Under Win98SE his performance decreases with the Detonator XP under a GeForce3! That doesn't make sense. Something is definitely wrong!

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  3. Do you have the latest chipset drivers?

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  4. I agree something is very wrong. I run the new NEDS in 98se, 2kpro, and xp pro and I get about the same performance in all operating systems, just as it should be.
    Make sure you have any AGP drivers, and chipset drivers installed. Also make sure there arn't any drivers for other video cards installed.

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