Best Nvidia Driver for Riva TNT2

Hello folks. I'm in need of help from other owners of the following card:

Nvidia Riva TNT2.

I have mine on a system with Windows 2000 pro, with the 23.11 drivers ( to be precise). I am experiencing instability that I believe is caused by the drivers for my video card.

My qustion is the following: what driver are other users of the Riva TNT2 using successfully with Win 2000 prof.

Thanks for all and any responses.


A nice day to all.
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  1. Use the det 3's or the 12.41's

    I would reccomend the 21.83's for up to date xp support though.

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  2. Thank you for your reply.

    I just switch to my Windows 98 partition, and under it I have the 12.41 drivers running with faultless stability. I shall give that a shot in 2000 pro and see how that goes.

    Would you (or someone) please be so kind as to provide me with the URL to a site where I can find the 12.41 drivers? Much thanks in advance.


    A nice day to all.
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