Seeing as E-Buyer are selling pure GF3's at quite a low price.

If I can afford the extra cash shall I just go for the Radeon 8500LE. Or would I be better off going for the GF3?

What are the differences in overclocking campabilities, core speeds, mem speeds etc

I'm looking at

AMD XP 1600+
Mobo: Soltek SL-75DRV4
RAM: 256MB PC2100
Hard Drive: 40GB 7200Rpm 8.5ms ATA133 (Not sure what make)
DVD: 16x

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  1. You see when someone says its urgent...it normally is! They've run out of GF3's at the price they were offering. And I decided against buying one...with not a lot of help from this forum I might add!

    "If you think too much, you get confused"
  2. If it's a standard GF3 vs a Radeon LE clocked at 230, then go with the GF3. If it's a Radeon LE clocked at 250 (I've seen both on the web, believe the clock speed before the label) then you might want to think. Depends on how desparaging the price difference is.

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  3. the le is clocked at 250 the lele is the one clocked ar 230
  4. It doesn't always say LELE, though. Sometimes it just says LE.

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  5. LoL, ati's naming system sucks.

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