GeForce 3 Ti 200 killed my framerate - help!


I've got a Visiontek 6564 which is proving to be a considerable D3D disappointment. Here's the situation: I uninstalled my Voodoo3 3000, deleted all Voodoo references in registry, and installed the Ti200. My fps in Sports Car GT fell by 25%, from 41 to 31 fps. Other D3D games show a similar decline. I'm using the 21.83 WHQL drivers and DX 8.1. I switched to the latest drivers and there was no change. My mobo is a Microstar 815E Pro, 512 ram, 667@900 Celeron, totally up to date bios, drivers, etc.

(NOTE: my son's box with an i810 chipset, 400 mhz Celeron, 128 mb, and onboard graphics gets 32 fps in SCGT!)

I put the card in my 2nd box with a different mobo (ASUS P3V4x), different proc (Cel 500), 256 mb, DX 8.0 and I still get 31 fps.

Next I reformated box #1, installed Win ME, nothing else but the game and I get 31 fps. Only when I reduce all the game settings down to close to wireframe do the fps rise modestly.

Since I have put this card into two entirely different boxes and finally reformated one of the two and get the exact same 31 fps, I don't see how the problem can be my computers. All card settings are on default; I changes a few, but there was no performance change at all. Both boxes are completely up to date with bios, drivers, etc.

Surely this thing can hold up against a V3 3000. What gives? Does anyone have any concrete information on whether the G3 needs a higher mhz proc. to get it going?

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  1. just a suggestion and im guessing those are the manufactures drivers but go to and download the detnator drivers it might help
  2. Are you sure Aintialiasing is off ?
  3. Also check if your VSync is disabled.

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  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I've done all of these with no change. Keep the ideas rolling in.

  5. It's entirely possable that you simply have a slower CPU slowing the card down. I'm not familiar with how a slow CPU can slow down the GF3s, but it wouldn't supprise me.

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  6. Here's a link to an article of Tom's, it's called 3D Benchmarking - Understanding Frame Rate Scores. If anyone is interested, take a look, it might suggest some answers to this problem. Let me know what you think.

  7. raise and lower refresh rates see if it helps..enable best performance in settings as opposed to best image quality fast writes on and off to test change agp aperture in bios experiment .. match desktop color depth and size to game settings

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