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I keep having this annoying issue that when boot into Win_7 for the first time for the day, my time is off by what usually seems to be about 4 hours a head. Once I set it it's good for the day, I can turn the computer off and on again and the time will be Ok, until I come back in the morning and boot up again.

Now I should mention that I have three operation systems running, Win_XP, Win_7, and Ubuntu. Each is installed to there own hard drive. Both Winxp and Ubuntu are just fine now issue there.

So far I have:

- Replaced the Cmos Battery
- Switched Off & Then On again Internet Time Settings "Synchronize Time Server".
- Tried about 5 different time servers.

At this point I would be happy just telling Win_7 to forget the Time Servers and just use my Systems own clock! What a pain!

Any ideas?

Thank you all for all your time and help.
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  1. Does windows 7 have the correct time zone/city you are in? Click win 7 start then type in the search "time zone". Also search "date" and check those settings.
  2. I'ts nothing that easy been there checked that I don't know how many times.

    Date = Thursday July 22, 2010
    Time = 6:18:49 PM (correct for now)
    Time Zone = (UTC - 05:00) Eastern Time
  3. That's not normal but neither is having 3 boot drives to boot 3 different operating systems.

    Do you boot to all 3 every day? What's your schedual like as far as booting to those three OS'.
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