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How can I Identify a video card which has a heatsink over the main chip. The other chips can be identified via the internet however these chips are the flash memory and video memory which I could not link back to a specific card. The only success I have had is via a number on the back of the card "BRD-05-E15". This was referenced by a person selling his personal components and he listed the card as a TNT2 M64 32meg AGP card. However when I looked up this card on the internet the card in the picture was laid out differently to mine. Memory was located differently to mine and such. I installed the card and windows ID it as a standard PCI VGA. Is there any other method that can help?
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  1. Take off the Heatsink.
    What color is the card? Often, brown = Asus, blue = Hercules, red = Gigabyte, green = several others. That's a long shot but could be a hint. Companies usually engrave the name of their card on the same side of the GPU (for instance, upper right corner on my blue Hercules card).

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  2. Try installing nVidia reference drivers 6.31, it will autodetect the chip as long as it's an nVidia chip. Otherwise, try rebooting your computer and see what the screen says at the top just BEFORE POST.

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