Windows 2K Radeon 7500 Beta Driver?

I'm trying to install this new beta driver on my windows 2k box, but it says...

"This software requires DirectX 8.1"

I with out a doubt, have the LATEST DirectX, i confirmed that. Any ideas??

It then says, "Click YES to proceed!"

I do that, and I get an InstallShield Wizard window, but the Next and Cancel buttons are froze and unclickable.

Bummer :(

<i> If you buy a pre-packaged pc, shame on you </i> :wink:
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  1. Well instead of clicking on next, which doesn't work, I can just hit the enter button and it proceed on. After getting to the ATI Windows 2000 Drivers Setup, and going through it, it now says, "This display driver is not compatible with the display adapter(s) installed in your system."

    Heh, still confused, and will keep playing around with it.

    <i> If you buy a pre-packaged pc, shame on you </i> :wink:
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