Standby mode problem with Detonator 4 ?!?!

With any Detonator newer than 12.xx (tried at least 15 different versions of the driver between 14.xx - 27.xx), my monitor (a ViewSonic PT813) won't go into standby mode.
The display will go blank, but the monitor won't shut off completely, as it should do in standby mode, and as it does perfectly with all the Detonator 3 drivers.

I'd really like to use the latest Detonator's because it performs a lot faster, than 12.40, but I tend to leave my PC 24/7 on, so the proper function of the standby mode is crucial for me.

My system:
Windows 2000 SP2
GeForce 3 (Asus 8200)
Pentium 4 2A GHz @ 2.2 GHz
Asus P4B266
1GB of Kingston PC266 DDR (2.5ns)
Adaptec 39160
Creative SB Live! 5.1 Platinum

Does any one have any helpful suggestion?

BTW - my friend has the same screen. He uses WinXP, has the same GeForce 3 with Detonator 23.11, and standby mode works perfectly for him ?!?!
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  1. Check if you power managment in Windows and in your BIOS are set correctly.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  2. Nope, nothing in the bios setup changed the situation.
    I really think this problem is a driver problem, mainly because it works perfectly with all Detonator 3 drivers.

    Sometimes NVIDIA can carry a bug/limitation in many revisions of their driver. Like the problem I (and many others) had with the Detonator 2 driver in Win2k when the NVIDIA AGP card shared its IRQ with a SCSI card (Windows 2000 freezes on load). This problem was solved with the Detonator 3 drivers.

    Does any one knows about any simple proggie which can control the monitor's power state?

  3. Ok I know of two fixes for this problem ,but have not had this problem myself. One is NVREFFIX. this resets the refresh rate when coming out of suspend or sleep mode. The other is part of Rivatuner which does basically the same thing.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
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