blurred low resolution on ACER travelmate 435


I recently bought some travelmate 435.
Question is: the screen goes up to 1400*1050 and works perfectly at this resolution but some users would like to work at 1024*768 or 1280*1024.
And at those lower resolutions, icons, characters ... everything is blurred.

Video card is a radeon 7500 with 64 mb dedicated memory so ... it shouldn't be the problem.
I tried several drivers (from cd, from acer website and the one supplied through windows update). Still the same problem :/

I would like to know why this is happening and can it be solved ?
Could it be a technical limitation of the screen itself ?

Thanks you
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  1. It is the nature of an LCD Panel. LCDs can only work clearly at their native resolution (i.e. their top resolution). Think about it: Your Acer has a 1400x1050 native resolution, which means it has a grand total 4 410 000 pixels. Now you are trying to run it at 1024x768 which is only 2 359 296 - 54% of the number of pixels that the LCD has. Thus to display the image accross the entire surface, it has to 'stretch' the image over all the pixels - basically spread it out, which means that the lcd needs several 'physical' pixels to display every one pixel on the desktop. That is why it is blurry.

    LCDs should only be used at their native resolution - if text is to small, it is better to rather increase the DPI (this process is described in another recent thread).



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