Toms SETi..... Explain what im doing here????????

I understand they need computers to process this data
but i mean..

Im doing this right now as im speaking, but i mean
they were saying overclock this, upgrade your pc that

Whats the point?
To try and find new life or something?

I mean should i burn out my processor over this?
I increased my bus speed to max 236 stable
and i just want to know who else is doing this and maybe explain why...
and some info..
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  1. Sometimes its difficult to find intelligent life here on Earth, LOL
  2. U answered nothing

    This is a major proecessor worker
    my Duron was at 49 Celcius!

    i took off the side panels and its at 46 now..
    its sure uses the processor a lot
  3. who was telling you to overclock etc ?
    I have been running SETI on an ATHLON 600 CLASSIC and nobody is complaining .. just takes about 35 hours to do each data module (average) runs as screen saver when my system is idle (on NT4)
  4. Really why overclock if you don't care to. None of mine are. If your reading on how to speed up the process increasing the FSB is the best way (obviously if you can't OC the FSB much but can change the multiplier significantly this statement is wrong) to increase SETI performance. It loves the bandwidth of the bus.

    For me it is fun to watch what I am doing on SETI. I loved Carl Sagen's work too. Not that he has anything to do with SETI but space in general.

    <b>If we can't find it here we must find it somewhere else</b>

    <b><A HREF="" target="_new">How fast is your PC</A></b>
  5. LOL, 35 hours! I have that beat. I installed SETI on a pentium-60. All it does is internet connection sharing so I figured why not install SETI. It takes one week to finish a single work unit! It's almost not worth it, but it's not hurting anything. And it is one extra work unit a week.
  6. Bragging that you overclocked a AMD adds an extra inch to your dick.
  7. exactly! but a new thread is talking about speeding things up without overclocking etc so i want to check that out. every unit helps
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