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hi, does anyone know what is the cheapest way to install windows 2000 pro on 4 computers legally? and ms office xp?
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  1. buy licenses... if you wanna be legal there isn't really an option. Unfortuantly 4 licenses are a to smaller number for MS to really worry about with their bulk licensing programs (I might be wrong, although they are a oftan a bitch to conform to as some cases you are "renting" the software) also you may be able to get an OEM version which is cheaper (OEM just requires that you buy a piece of hardware, sometimes this can be simply a mouse pad)
  2. You can buy five licence copy of both in the store, or you can call Microsoft to buy five licences of each. One benefit from this is that you'll have enough licences to get *volume licensing" since you'll have ten or more licences for microsoft products. With this you can have one licence key for all the programs which makes life easier by making an automated install disk.

    BTW, volume licensig is available as long as you have 10 or more licenses for currently supported MS programs.


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