processes takiung up 100% cpu?

Ok i got 2 processes that are causing me real grief one is DLLhost.exe and the other svchost.exe anyone know what they do? cos they're taking up all my processing speed and thats on an athlon xp2000+ . everytime i end one the other one goes to 100% when they're both running they're combined value is 100% now my reall problem is when i end them websites wont displlay or my internet connection slows to a crawl. ive reinstalled windows 3times now each time they reappear ive got every update there is for xp installed and still they're!! please!!
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  1. You can solve alot of your slow downs with this <A HREF="" target="_new">link (Black Viper Services for XP)</A>. However be very careful of what you do in there as if you shut the wrong one off it will bite you when you restart puter. Also much reading is involved and his "setup" doesn't work for all it is only a guideline. I have 22 processes start with XP, including firewall, AntiVirus, Popup stopper, keyboard and mouse software. If I disable the 5 apps listed above I start with 12 processes and still have a fully functional OS minus internet (only beacuse I won't surf without fw,av and pus) and extra buttons/features for my wireless kb and m!!


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  2. dllhost support COM objects, which are used to run many programs

    svchost is the framework for too many programs to mention.

    They should take up a very big percentage of your cpu cycles.

    Kill either of them and you probably won't run much: I'm not even sure the GUI could come up.


  3. it all depends on which svchost.exe he needs to kill. Most don't need to run in the background all of the time, and they can be turned off individually using services.msc (be careful).

    They should take up a very big percentage of your cpu cycles

    the 4 I always have running take up <b>0 (zero)</b> cpu clock cycles when I just checked and I've never seen them hit 10%...ever. Heck even music playing for me takes 0-5% of cpu time.

    Kill either of them and you probably won't run much: I'm not even sure the GUI could come up

    if I disable all of my startup apps (fw, av, pus) and reboot I have 2 svchost.exe's in task manager and can still access the internet and run all apps, oh and they take <b>0 zero</b> cpu clock cycles :). Benefit of the doubt we'll say they both use 5% for a total of 10%, now and again, which is no where near 100%, all of the time.

    I've now done this to over 20 setups from old to new, and none of them went to thier owner with any svchost.exe using 100% cpu (or even 10%) while running for any reason all of the time.

    I really have to work to hit 100% CPU usage (ie. gaming, benchmarks). Burning @ 32x while surfing the net, playing music, messenger open, firewall, anti virus, and pop up stopper running only yeilds about 40% CPU usage, some of the time on my old 1800+!!!


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  4. Depends on where svchost.exe is located. There are two completely different svchost.exe's. One is legit, one is not. One is part of windows, the other is the welchia worm, or msblast.d.

    <A HREF=";EN-US;314056" target="_new">A Description of Svchost.exe in Windows XP</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">What is the Welchia worm aka MSBlast.D, LoveSan.D or Nachia?</A>

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  5. Yes, I should have said that it depends on what the svchost is hosting.

    An actual "100%" continually would usually means a problem like a virus or spyware, at least thats what I found when I was hitting it, and ran ad-aware. However, if something is using "100%", the computer would run very poorly. I read that taskmanager has some peculiarities in how it registers some stats.

    SOME machines spend a lot on svchost services. I have a lot of com stuff going on in my network, and I get a big hit.

    Some svchost programs heavily use COM objects, which can be heavy cycle stealers. Others, like network connections [and associated problems], ICS, update, dial-up, some security communications, some performance and other stuff can be continuous or spiked users of cycles.

    I guess I should remember that stand-alone machines work significantly differently than networked machines because most of their dependencies are internal, and not external, so there are many times they spend waiting are not for communication from other sources.

    But maybe my system is peculiar

    Sorry if you felt I was misleading.

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