San Fran Bay Area- Where are the ti500 Nvid cards

Does anyone know when the next shipment of Nvidia Ti500 cards are coming in? I have my eye on the Xtasy card. Or is there some where I can pick it up now???
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  2. I tried that but most of the retailer on the site are out of stock as well. I placed an order with Their web site had the card in stock so I placed the order. I then receive an email the next day informing me that the item was out of stock and that a shippment was expected on Saturday, sure!!! Very, very deceptive stuff, especially with a $300 item. I cancelled order. I just checked the web-site and it still shows as in-stock (both the PNY & Xtasy). First impressions are everything so I won't be shopping at

    I can wait until they are in-stock at,,, or better yet my local Fry's Electornics.
  3. wait for a computer show at the cow palace my friend. they usually have 2-4 vendors selling the gainward geforce 3 ti 500 and they usually dont sell out. that's your best bet i'd say, or go to a small computer store, i dont know of too many tho..

    didnt have one of em electronic pens so ill just type my name,<i>CoOoLMaNX</i>
  4. I too, ordered an "in stock" ti500, from a different site, only to be told later that they never really had any in the first place.

    They also told me that they probably wouldn't have any coming in anytime soon because of some problem that was discovered in the manufacturing process? Anyone know if this is true, or a load of @#$% ??

  5. Actually, same thing happens all over the world, not just in SF.

    I live in Europe and had to wait more than a month for my Ti500 to come. No retailer has them in stock. I guess, you'll get the card when the GF4 show up and less people will be interested in GF3.

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