SVCHOST.exe consuming more and more CPU resources

I'm currently running 4 PCs with UD installed. Some run XP home. some run XP PRO I Run XP because of the better Internet scores and Internet performance. My point is that I'm not a new kid on the block to UD.
Three of my PCs run as expected. Textbook.

My newest unit however is causing me some concern. It is the identical Gigabyte 667 Ultra Motherboard to PC#3 which has been a good choice. PC#3 is stable at 10% overclocked and that 10% has been worth it in WU productivity.
PC3 has a P4 2.4 533 CPU PC3 has BIOS F3
PC4 (the new one) has a P4 2.66 533 CPU PC4 has BIOS F2
All my PCs now have Volcano 7+ CPU fans with Artic Silver III for the goop.

ONLY PC4 has a problem. It keeps running <b>SVCHOST.exe</b> consuming like 58% of CPU clock cycles in the local service mode. It seems to be cumulative.... first consuming like 13% and talking more and more. I suspect this may be the reason there is very little CPU temp difference between UD snooze and full bore. CPU temp runs 41 C at startup and UD snooze. My other unit - PC3 (identical MB) drops to about 33C at snooze. Both units run about 46C when UD is full bore and nothing else is running other than the Gigabyte Management Tool temp reporting software.

The real question is Why would only one PC be hungry for <b>SVCHOST.exe</b> and any ideas what it could be doing??.

All 4 PCs run thru a router to a cable modem. No PC is a server for the others to the internet.

Thoughts and suggestiins are invited.


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