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I am trying to find the best video card to complement an Athlon XP 1900 system. I do want to do some gaming, but I don't think that I need top-of-the-line. Would a GeForce 2 suffice or should I go with a GeForce 3 card?

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  1. how much are you planning to spend on the graphics card?
    you can probably get a geforce2 ti for around $100 ($115 about).
    a radeon 8500 is about $60 more than that (the oem or R8500 LE that is)...
    and a geforce3 ti200 is around $160...
    it'll help a little if you tell us what you're going to be using your computer for too...

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  2. I plan to watch a lot of DVD's on my computer, as well as do a bit of gaming. Other than that, I will mostly use my system for programming and surfing.
    I want a card that will offer me the best cost/performance. I don't have a set dollar amount.
  3. for dvd's...the R7500 should do nicely.
    not only does it play dvd's has respectable gaming performance as well.
    i wouldnt recommend a high end card for you because you just dont need one.
    the geforce2 ti has about the same gaming performance as the R7500....but the R7500 has superior dvd playback than the geforce2 ti.
    i think its a toss up between the R7500 (should be under $140) and the geforce2 ti (around $120).

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  4. I don't know much about ATI's cards, but supposedly the GF2s had some 2D image quality problems. You'd have to check reviews to see if they have improved IQ with the GF2 Tis. The GF2 Tis should perform nicely in most games, but don't have as many features as the GF3 Ti-200. I would recommend looking at ATI, though. They usually have good mutlimedia support, but their drivers usually aren't great.
  5. I looked into the graphic cards offered by the company that I plan on buying from. They have 2 entries:
    ATI RADEON 7500 64MB DDR T V/O

    What's the D/H stand for?
  6. Dual Head...two connectors for two monitors.

    Sorry for my spelling I'm french...hey I ain't perfect!
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