so many graphic cards which one to get????

WOW, my head is spinning..which is the best Graphic Card To get, I want one with DVI, Geforce 3 64 MB ti500. But which one to get.. Asus, VisionTek, Abit, Leadtek....please help...What is the not a game freak, i just want the best....

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  1. hmm, if you're not a game freak, why are you getting a GF3Ti500? It's only useful for games.

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  2. I want Top of the LINE....I play Games, but im not a freak...i want top picture quality...I want the best performance..Im Also getting an LCD, so thats why i want the DVI...i want the Clarity to be Amazing

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  3. Then look at the Radeon 8500. It provides Ti500 performance but also the best DVI support. With ATI redoubling their efforts in continually improving driver quality, you'll rest assured you'll have a stable reliable card for a long time.

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  4. OK, thanks alot....My uncle bought a VisionTek Xtasy 6964 and loves it, i was gonna get it..but i might give it some thought..... What CPU fan do you recomend for the Anthlon XP 2000+


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  5. hmm, do you prefer less noise or better overclocking?

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  6. What do you mean by Less noise...The Video Card Itself is Loud, from the FAN.... What does the over clocking process consist of..and would you need to add anything..Im not familiar with the Whole Over Clocking process on anything..This is my first time building a PC...I have the Money and i figure i get the Best that's available...I was gonna wait for the GF4's to come out..But who the hell wants to wait that long...Im still using my first computer that i ever dad suprised me for my birthday with an celeron..OnBOARD EVERYTHING.... i've had it since i was 16--im gonna be 18 this april... by then i will have over 2500 saved i want to go all out on this BEAST.. What would you recomend...the VisionTek or the not so pleased on the ATI's Review's from past products..But you sound like you know more...


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  7. ATI's early drivers truly sucked! Now they're much better. I'm referring to the CPU fan. If you want a quite fan, I'd look at either the retail fan that comes with the retail Athlon XP2000+ or a Volcano 6CU or Volcano 7. If you want the best overclocking but don't care about the extra noise, the Alpha PAL8045 and the Swiftech MCX462 are the best.

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  8. I would not waste $300+ on a Ti500 right now, the Geforce4 will be here very soon. An ATI Radeon 8500 is a good choice at under $250. No matter what though I think you need to watch your money, it sound's like you want to blow every penny you have, and in terms of hardware it's easy to do it. After upgrading a half dozen times over the past couple years I've learned to buy what is the most reasonable, not necessarily what's the fastest. I wanted the best for my money at the time, and I spent about $1500. Here are the major components:

    Gainward Geforce3
    Athlon XP 1800+
    512MB Crucial PC2100 DDR*
    Shuttle AK31A KT266A (a better choice would have been a Soyo K7V Dragon+)
    30GB Maxtor 7200rpm (40GB would have been better)
    WindowsXP Home
    Plextor 12x10x40x
    SB Audigy Platinum (wasn't worth the money, the C-Media chip works perfectly fine)
    Hitachi 19" CM721F
    Antec SX1030

    *I purchased 512 at the time because it was too cheap to pass up, paid $72 with shipping.

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  9. oh, sorry i thought you meant noise from the Graphic's Card... well...Someone told me about the Volcano 7..but i read reviews and it said that it's HUGE!! and that the installation Clip is a Pain.. YES, I deff would mind extra noise....I'm putting my tower on my Desk because the desk i have now, the computer is stored inside a Cabinet.. and it's a pain in the ass to get at wires, and add now my dad built me a New Desk, and the tower is going on top, so noise is a big factor.. I guess i'll look into the Volcano..... What do you think of that DRAGON CPU FAN....ANYWAY BACK ON THE GRAPHIC CARDS....VisionTEK Xtasy 6964 or ATI 8500 ??

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  10. well, I've been saving this money for atleast a yr now...April is my im taking all that money and it's going into my PC... so far what im looking at here is

    Anthlon XP 2000+
    Sunon 80mm Case fan
    Fortron 350 Watt Power Supply
    Soyo K7 Dragon +
    graphic's card is what im taking my time on
    Im gonna go with the ON BOARD sound from the Dragon+
    LCD Monitor..Still debating on which one--either samsung or Viewsonic
    and 1 GB SDRAM DDR PC2100
    and a 20gb and a 80gb Maxtor HD


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  11. The Volcano 6CU is also an option as long as you don't overclock.


    VisionTEK Xtasy 6964 or ATI 8500 ??

    There is no clear winner here so I have to ask you which games you play. The R8500 with the latest 6025 excels beyond the GF3 Ti500 in some games but is still under GF3Ti500 performance in others. If you want the best FSAA performance, the GF3Ti500 is the best way to go. For anisotropic filtering, the R8500 cannot be beat.

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  12. what is FSAA? I like to play games like TOMB RAIDER, Counter Strike, MAY PAYNE type games...not big on quake, doom..

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  13. Alot of the Money i have saved up is from Christmas, Bday's..and im getting a bunch of money for my GRADUATION party Coming up....If i had a tight Budget no way in hell would i be blowing this money away....I'm getting the expensive [-peep-] for my birthday this april and for my Graduation party, Graphics card and the LCD monitor

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  14. thanks for your help

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  15. I really recommend getting a Gainward Geforce3 TI200 Golden Sample. The card is clocked at speeds which provide performance of a TI500 out of the box, and can easily reach higher speeds. The term Golden Sample means that the card was designed for overclocking. But the wonderfull part of this is that the card only costs around $150! If you want a bit more longevity, get the 128 meg version (I just bought 2 of them for my wife's puter and mine). They only cost $188 at (which I heartily recommend). How can you go wrong?

    My system is:
    Athlon 1900+
    Asus A7V266-E
    512 megs P2100 DDR DRAM
    Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI controller
    Plextor Ultraplex 40x
    Plextor Plexwriter 8/20
    Western Digital WD1200JB (120 gigs, 8-meg buffer)
    Gainward/Cardexpet GeForce 3 Ti200 128MB Power Pack Golden Sample (4ns 128MB DDR) clocked at 225/515
    Samsung SyncMaster 955DF 19" monitor

    It's really fun, you should see the responses of people that have this card. Someone just got it to 240/530 without extra cooling. That's insane! I'll prolly just stick with 225/515 which is plenty faster than a TI500. Everquest never looked so good with Quintex and every possible option on!

  16. wow, that's interesting, i will take a look into it.. do they make the gainword 3 ti500 128mb

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  17. I had a Creative Labs Geforce 3 - Ti200 that ran at 240/500 by default quite happily. I just used a Bios editor to make the core and memory adjustments and set to Ti500 mode.

    Memory manufacturers recommend 4ns for 500DDR setting so its not overclocking - just removing Nvidia's underclocking.
  18. Quote:
    ..Im Also getting an LCD, so thats why i want the DVI...i want the Clarity to be Amazing

    But LCD's only give clarity in the resolutions they're designed for, ever looked at 1600*1200 on a 1280*1024 LCD, it's pants. Just something worth thinking about before you spend your hard-earned.

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  19. hi. i have a geforce2MX with an athlon XP 1500+ and i really need to upgrade my video card.
    which one i could chose ? ati radeon 8500 - ati radeon 8500LE or geforce4mx 460 ?
  20. Well since im willing to go the distance with the money, today i took a look at the GeForce4 Ti4600...i think my mind is set on that..

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  21. Any ATI Radeon 8500 will kill a GeForce4 MX460. An R8500 is a GF4 Ti4400 class card. ATI has been recently hinting that an extreme performance boost for the R8500 is coming which will match it to the GF4Ti4400 performance wise. They are now saying the 128MB Radeon 8500 will be a major performance boost but I believe that's merely true because they are about to release new drivers to compete with the GF4 Ti series.

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  22. I said the Geforce 4 Ti4600, not the 4400.... IM a bigger fan with the Nvidia Chip Set... not to big of a fan with the ATI boards..

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  23. I was talking to RaFax.

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  24. oh ok,

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  25. For SALE: 1 x Trident ISA 8900 with 512k ram - can upgrade to 1mb - very fast card 200fps... (oops I missed the decimal point .200fps)
  26. Rob,

    2 things to consider:

    1. I also suggest you try spending your money at least somewhat carefully. Especially as for as CPU speed goes, look at the price increase vs. performance increase. A 2000+ simply isn't worth the price premium over an 1800+. Look for the "knee" in the price vs. speed curve and you'll see what I mean. This is also true for video cards, but in this case you actually do get more capabilities, not just more speed. The GF3 and 8500 aren't just faster than GF2 and 7000 series respectively, they can actually do things their older siblings can't.

    2. Read Tom's review of 15" LCD displays before you plunk down BIG bucks for one. I didn't have that chance, and I HATE my brand new 18" NEC LCD I recently got at work. The guy spec'ing my CAD/general use system said the 18" LCD was the same price as a 21" monitor, so I said what the heck, I'll try it.

    Big mistake! It has major drawbacks. It is 1280 x 1078 native resolution, and it looks TERRIBLE at anything else. Tom kind of glosses over this in his review. I'm struggling to find the right font sizes to be able use it and still be able to read the text and silly little icons in my CAD program.

    My 19" Samsung at home is VASTLY superior, and looks GREAT at anything from 800x600 to 1600x1200. The LCD's are also "jittery" as you scroll (or as I rotate objects on screen). I would think this would make gaming almost unacceptable (maybe someone else here knows better). My opinion is that LCD's are still just for laptops and status symbols (they look good sitting on the receptionist's desk :wink: ). If the NEC was mine to sell, I'd be trying to dump it. If at all possible, spend some time actually running games and doing some work on a LCD before you buy one. Your monitor will outlast everything else in your system, so get one you love.

    my $.02


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  27. wow, I will Deff PUT that [-peep-] in mind...I guess i'll just wait on the LCD for now and use the ViewSonic i have's a fine monitor, i just wanted new technology with my New PC... i will deffinetly look a these things closer... When do you think the LCD will get higher resolution's and become an all in general Stable Monitor.

    As for Graphics, im deff getting the Geforce 4 ti4600... I will put the Money i was gonna spend on the monitor towards more memory or something, and wait for a While... I wanted atleast 1600X1200... your Response was deffinetly helpfull


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  28. FSAA stands for:

    Full Scene Anti-Aliasing

  29. hey, I'm not a stranger...


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