NVidia vs ATI rivalry finally paying off

With ATI putting so much pressure recently, NVidia is releasing the GeForce4 for as low as 200$. You have to admit that this competition between the two is the best thing that ever happen to 3D gamers. Sadly ATI always seems to be aout 3 months behind in their response.

It's a shame we have only one soul to sell...
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  1. :)That only means ATI has the completed bamboos in its breast.
  2. ATI is in a good position still. With a price drop in their 8500, they can easily dominate the lower end market (under $200). And, they still have the advantage of dual display and beter DVD playback, which tops the Geforce3. With some driver updates, and perhaps a tweeked R200 chip, they can do quite well. When the R300 is released, we'll see what competition ATI can provide.

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  3. The R300 is designed to compete with the Geforce5 not 4. The RV250 will be the GeForce4 killer. ATI is hinting at significantly improved R8500 performance coming. Supposedly it's from the 128MB version but I believe they're working on a super-optimized driver with GeForce4Ti4400 performance.

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  4. The $200 GF4 is the MX version, which is based on the NV17 core, NOT the NV25 core. This is not a true GF4, but merely a version of the mobile GF4 that they're putting on PCB and selling as a full-fledged 3D card.

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  5. No, the $200 version is the TI4200, the MX460 is $180

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