DX9 coming?

The Geforce4 was(Is?) suposed to be a DX9 card. However, there were very few features added to the card above what were on a GF3 or the 8500. Will there be a DX9 and will the GF4 gain from it? Or was it simply rumor and marketing?

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  1. Nope the GF4 isn't even a full DX8.1 card so how can it be a DX9 card.

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  2. Interesting. Wasn't it slated to be a DX9 card? Or was that just hype from pro-Nvidia users?

    Seems that if it's only DX8, the 8500 has some advantages over the GF4 ti's.

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  3. Not knowing much about the dx releases, what is being incorp'd into dx8.1 that isn't in the gf4? Any word on what the timeframe for dx8.1 is?

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  4. DX8.1 is already out. It uses the 1.4 pixel shader, and a few other goodies. I think Truform too.

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  5. Damn. Guess I should've known that, shouldn't I have? Well, not like my vid-card is enabled for it anyhow.


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  6. None of nVidia's cards completely support DX8.1 in hardware. nVidia hasn't added any new significant features to the GeForce4. ATI is hinting that the current Radeon 8500 will be able to beat the Ti4400. I'm guessing they are working on GeForce4-killer drivers for the Radeon 8500. The Radeon 8500 definitely has the technology to outperform the Ti4400 and approach Ti4600 performance; the drivers are the only thing holding it back right now. Yes, they are significantly better than the original drivers but still haven't reached nVidia-level maturity.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  7. What constitutes DirectX compliance? AFAIK, HOS is a requirement for DX8. DX8 adds Trueform support, but does not require a card to have it specifically for compliance. Also, the weren't the latest shaders also added support rather than requirements for compliance.

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  8. There no geforce 4 supporting directX9.On the roadmap only R300 show support of DX9

    They support pixel shader 1.3 vs 1.4 for ati.RT patch vs Npatch.

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