Why is my computer crashing when I run a benchmark or install a game?

I am running a Windows 7 Professional Laptop from PC Laptops in Ogden, UT.

It's an Intel Core i7 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 Graphics Card.

I downloaded and ran the Final Fantasy XIV benchmark test from Square Enix. I bought this laptop specifically for this game, and others... However, when I run the benchmark test, the computer shuts off! I thought it was coincidence, but I tried it again, and again the same thing happened. I tested out the cooling with a fan, and ran the SpeedFan test which registered my cooling at 20 degrees Celcius. Then, I ran the FurMark under "Stability Test", for Log GPU Temperature at 2560X2048 and it got to 99 degrees Celcius at around 6 minutes of fur control. The program spiked down when I turned the fur combatility off and spiked up when I turned it back on...

I felt the battery and the vents and neither was hot. The vents were lukewarm but that's about it. I also checked for any Windows Updates, and downloaded and installed the latest Flash, DirectX10, and any other programs that necessitated the working of my ATI card, including the Catalyst download from ATI. I also ran and updated my cards but all these checked out to be "Up-to-date!"

So, now I'm wondering. What COULD be the problem? Did I get gipped when they told me this was a gaming PC specifically built for gamin; and yet I run a future game and it can't even handle the software? I ran the benchmark, my computer shut off (yes there is full battery life; and it's PLUGGED into the wall) and I had to take the battery out and put it back in to get my computer to start again!

Could someone tell me what I should do next? Please, I am really wanting to replace my old laptop with this once, but this one just seems to be having problems. On another note, I am an avid Final Fantasy XI player, and when I went to install Final Fantasy XI on my computer, it again, shut off before installation could begin. Could someone relay me to a technician or somebody who knows about this mess? I would really like to sort this out - However, I am no doubt gonna have to return this, because it feels like I have done everything and something is STILL wrong... Thank you!
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  1. Just my thoughts:
    They did not properly install the heat sink for the GPU (ie The thermo paste), or it is a design flaw and can not handle the High Load. For the installation problem, I would not try to fix (invalidate warrenty)- I would return it. If it can not handle the game, your only option is return it for a refund and get one that will. Time to call manuf.

    Also have you monitored your cpu temp (ie run prime 95 stress temp).
  2. I did run a test called FurMark and on full-screen settings it lasted about 6 minutes at 99 degrees celsius. I would take it back for a refund but they want 20% of the purchase price. And I only got it like yesterday.
  3. Its way too hot. Most GPUs go to about 80c max.

    I would go back and talk to a manager. They should take it back no questions asked.
  4. Take it back. and politly ask them to either (1) fix it, or (2) FULL refund as you should not be held liable for them selling a defective product.
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