Please explain the SETI thing, whats this craze???

I am running Seti right now
i mean
at the end it was saying overclock your processor
upgrade this
but i mean
Is this just for fun or game or what
I understand the point of looking for new life and all
but.. why waste our money to search these things quicker?
Nothing is in it for us..?

Do you honestly feel like burning your processor out by overclocking it to run this faster?
I dont
i Oc'd my duron 800 the bus to 236 and i go 950 Mhz
my cpu temp jumped to 50
i took off my tower side panels and all
and its at 44 now
this sure uses a lot of processor.
Maybe explain to me whats the BIG hype?
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  1. I replied to your other link but again no one is telling you to overclock. SETI does like the FSB bandwidth so that is how to increase perfomance if you wish.

    I have 3 PC's working and none of tham are OC'd.

    PII 333
    PIII 733
    Athlon 750 (slot)


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  2. It's the typical male "mine is bigger" competition. In this case we are talking about our computers. If you only have one fast computer at home you might be slower than a guy with 2-3 computers.
    We are three guys in the BetelNut team that join forces to crank out more units than others, within the team we urge eachother to spend loads of money on upgrades.
    We are having a great time tweaking our systems and bringing up more systems.

    Ps. Michael... where is that new TBird by the way...
  3. Hay it is what being a computer geek is all about. Tweeking out my computer is fun for me. It is like guys who work on there cars and tune them to no end. Why? because it is fun. Seti is a race to show off your computers.
  4. That T-Bird is coming soon. This is the calm before the storm. I think I will buy two T-Birds and upgrade two of my PCs at home instead of just one, so that I can pass your daily productivity.

    Betel Nut Team!

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  5. I enjoy tweeking my pc just like you all

    but to have this SETI run efficient u should leave it have 100% processor

    so whats the point really i have to use my pc..
    plus it increases my cpu temp..

    i compiled 1/2 in 4 hours
    not too bad
    but i mean if i left it alone probably faster
  6. Hey. Shhhh . . . don't let on or they might kick me out of the club. Hell they may even chnge the secret hand shake but I use my PC too. Not promise not to tell but I even shut it off when playing games. I had it off for long periods of time when ripping DVD's too. Actuall I use SETI Driver and can set it to a low priority and still run whatever I want adn it won't get in the way.

    This is a private post right?

    NOW SHHHH!!!

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  7. Shame on you. Turning off SETIDRIVER is crime in some countries. And with SETI Driver, you can run in Normal, but never low. Oh my the humanity. :-)

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  8. I have mine running as a service in Win2K around hte clock, and I can still burn CDs, download, and listen to MP3s with a K6-3 processor.

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  9. Michael, I just picked up another TBird, this time a cheap 850 only. My Abit BH6 (with Celeron 466) blew up last week so I've really lost a lot in productivity, but the TBird 850 should make up for this. I used to make 11.4wu's/day but I expect that I can get 13 wu's per day with the new TBird.
    Got: TBird 1.08GHz, TBird 850Mhz (will overclock to GHz+), Duron 600, P3 600, Celeron 563 and running Seti Driver under WinME.

    Per (BetelNut)
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