overclock Visiontek Xtasy 5632 (Geforce2 GTS-V)?

can the Visiontek Xtasy 5632 (Geforce2 GTS-V 32MB AGP) be overclocked?

if so, how? what are known stable settings?

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  1. PS.. I thought I read somewhere that this card can be overclocked by simply adding in a value to the Windows registry.
  2. I have one and it just barely overclocks to standard Geforce2 GTS speeds before artifacting becomes apparent. Mine reaches 205/340 (200/333 standard) up from 175/286 which stock for the GTS-V. Strangely I've tested the card at 218/410 but 20% of the screen becomes white "snow" yet it still runs. Overclocking the core beyond 205 seems to reduce benchmark scores. I've been meaning to try it with RAM heatsinks but I haven't gotten around to it.

    I purchased my card about 3 months ago. Back then they had 7ns memory. I hear newer ones are shipping with 5.5ns memory. These should overclock better.

    I used Geforce Tweak to overclock. Get it at <A HREF="http://www.guru3d.com" target="_new">www.guru3d.com</A>.

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  3. I haven't looked. I just purchased mine so perhaps it has the 5.5ns memory. is the memory speed stamped on one of the chips?

    is Geforce Tweak any better or worse than CoolBits (which I also just found out about)?

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  4. The speed is coded on the DRAMs. You'll see a number usually ending in -55 which means 5.5ns. Mine has a -7, 7 ns. 7 ns memory is only good for 143 mhz (286 mhz DDR) without being overclocked beyond manufacturers specs. 5.5 ns memory similarly good for 182 mhz (364 mhz DDR). There's no guarantee that one will overclock more than the other but usually faster rated memory will overclock higher.

    I like the Geforce Tweak because it's easier than editing the Registry and because you can select higher overclocks than can with the slide in the Display control panel. Of course, this is only meaningful if the video card can overclock that high. There are other options and controls using Geforce Tweak. By the way, don't enable Side Band Adressing with the GTS-V. Sometime it will boot to a black screen with a blink cursor. If this happens then boot up in Safe Mode and fix it with Geforce Tweak.

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  5. well, I just checked. there are 4 DRAMS on the top of the card and 4 on the bottom. they all end in 7. it's a "REV C" card and I just received it from newegg two days ago. I suppose it could be old stock. I can't complain for $49, though. :)
  6. That's a bummer! Well it will probably overclock as far as mine, anyway.

    Mine is a Rev B and I was happy getting it for $65 just a few months ago.

    I was lead to believe, by some customer comments at newegg, that the Rev C's were shipping with 5.5 ns memory. Oh well, it is just a cheap temporary card which will only be used until new games become completely unplayable. At that time I will buy something else.

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