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POLL:The best value in today's newest graph cards?

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February 9, 2002 2:11:50 AM

I have been spending a lot of time on pricewatch, if you can’t tell… which of these these cards do you think offers the best value? Best performance? Best 3dgaming performance? Which one would you buy? Please mention the brand name and why you think so.

-RADEON 8500 oem (is this really that much slower than the retail 8500?)
will cost aprox. $180
Retail RADEON 8500 will cost aprox. $195

Apollo, Chaintech, Pine Technology, Eagle, Aopen, Inno3d, MSI- Will cost $90-$100
Gainward, Palit Daytona, eVGA, Powercolor, Sparkle, Galaxy Will cost $105-$115
PNY, Leadtek, Visiontek Will cost $115-$125
Asustek AGP-V7700 Ti Pure will cost $135-$140
MSI G2TI PRO-VTG GEFORCE2 (with 3d glasses!) will cost $135-145
Asustek V7700TIVX Deluxe (with 3d glasses!) will cost $160-$175

-GEFORCE 3 Ti200 64MB DDR w/ TV Out
Apollo, Chaintech, Palit Daytona, Aopen, Inno3d, MSI-
Will cost $145-$155
PNY, Leadtek Will cost $160-$170
Jaton, Abit, Visiontek Will cost $175-$180
Asus V8200 T2 Pure Will cost $190
Hercules 3D Prophet III will cost $195

-GEFORCE3 Ti200 128MB DDR w/ TV Out
Aopen, Gainward, Palit Daytona-
Will cost $175-$195

-GEFORCE4 MX440 64MB DDR w/ TV Out
Aopen, Gainward, MSI, eVGA, Leadtek, Inno3d - will cost $125-$135

By the way, My system specs:
1.4Ghz AMD Athlon processor
768 2100 DDR ram
Windows XP Pro
MSI VIA K7T266 Pro Motherboard
SB Live 5.1 sound card
5.1 surround speakers (Cambridge Soundworks DTT2500)
AVerTv Studio tv tuner card
7200 40 GB primary western Digital HD (o/s installed on this one)
5400 60 GB secondary western Digital HD
Tosiba 16x DVD drive
Cendyne 16x10x40 cd-rw drive
P.O.S. video card that is in desperate need of replacement- to be replaced with one of the above cards... advice from replys for this post will influence my decision

Thanks for your opinion!

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February 9, 2002 2:25:28 AM

It's all going to boil down to user preference. I like the Retail 8500, then next guy is going to pipe in and holler about how much better the GeForce3 is. You know the difference, you've seen the reviews and benchmarks if your that torn then play einie-meani-miney-moe and pick the best card.

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February 9, 2002 2:25:32 AM

If you can get a retail 8500 for $195, and are willing to spend that much money then go for it.
The GeForce 4 Ti4200 might be a better choice, but it's not out just yet.

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February 9, 2002 2:36:57 AM

I picked up a Visiontek GF2 TI 6 weeks ago at Futureshop for $248 Cdn. It was alright but last week the Visiontek GF3 TI200 went on sale for $229 Cdn so I talked to the manager and exchanged my old card for it saving me 19 bucks. Not too bad a deal I must say.(248 CDN=157 US and 229 CND=145 US).
February 9, 2002 2:40:49 AM

In my compleatly biased opinion go out and get the ati 8500 128mb card.
February 9, 2002 3:11:45 AM

Running xp I would deffinatly get the gf3 ti 200, even ati fans admit its xp performance is not up to snuff.

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February 9, 2002 4:01:32 AM

from what ive seen the 8500's xp performance is nearly the same as the 9x performnace with the newer drivers
February 9, 2002 4:20:47 AM

where did you find the radeon 8500 retail for 195, i better get that then:) )
February 9, 2002 10:48:43 AM


Running xp I would deffinatly get the gf3 ti 200, even ati fans admit its xp performance is not up to snuff.

Not anymore. It performs in WinXP almost as well as Win98 now.

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