DVD on GF2MX400 64mb

Hi !
I have big proplems with my DVD setup :-( Chaintec G-force2 MX400 TV out.
The card runs in a computer based on a Chaintec motherboard and a Cyrix 700 processor and 128 Mb RAM.
My problem is that I cant get Powerdvd to work on it, the picture is "hacked" to sloow (looks like animated movies).
My OS is WinXP, DirectX 8.1 but I have tried with others...
The Cyrix works at 85 to 100% when I trie ty play DVD´s.
Anyone that have any helpfull suggestions, please answer :-)
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  1. Cyrix? They make that still?

  2. If I remember correctly, the Cyrix 700 has the same processing of 400Mhz PII, and from the recent review of VisionTek Xtasy Everything(it uses the same GF2 MX400), it has about 35-40% CPU with Athlon XP 1800+, no wonder your system uses almost 100% CPU power.
    BTW, I have tested AIW Radoen and GF2 MX400 based card side by side. The MPEG1/2 encoding performance of the latter is far behind that of the first one.
  3. Is DMA on the dvd-rom enabled? I used to own a PII 350 & it ran powerdvd perfectly fine (if what edwpang says about the cyrix being equivalent to PII 400 is correct). And i had a much worse graphics card was than yours - a TNT2 M64.
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