D-Bay NAS?

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I'd like to put some of our D-Bay hard drives directly on the LAN,
using one of the NAS boxes that are available. I _think_ I can use a
Linksys NSLU2
http://linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=35&scid=43&prid=640 which
does NAS for USB drives, plus an external D-Bay adapter
plus some kind of power supply for the high-power connection on the
above, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

Anyone know any reasons why this shouldn't work? Is the 'high power
USB" connector on the External Media Bay just a way of getting more 5V
power to the drive?

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?)

    William P. N. Smith wrote:


    IMPORTANT: The Storage Link's format
    is NOT compatible with Windows. You
    cannot swap USB hard drives between
    Windows systems and the Storage Link.

    Anyone know of a NAS device that'll take external USB hard drives in
    FATnn and NTFS and make them available on the network?

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