Does my DP35DP MOBO support Windows 7?

Hello, I own an DP35DP Intel LG 775 Motherboard and as part of upgrading from a E6550 to a Q8400 plan to upgrade from XP 32 to Win7 64 bit.

On this page the compatability of this MOBO to win 7 is listed as "drivers only":

What does that mean?

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  1. Yeah, but as you may see in the link it doesn't simply state full compatibility, but refers to it as "drivers only".

    thanks anyway
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    Hi Omri Funaro,

    Try running the Upgrade Advisor. It is a tool from Microsoft that scans your computer and then tells you if your computer is ready to run Windows 7. If it is not ready to run Windows 7, the Upgrade Advisor will tell you what changes to make before upgrading.

    Let us know what you find out!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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  4. Thanks Cassandra.
    Basically it seems I'm good to go, the only unknown in the diagnosis was the
    "Intel Management Engine Interface" which gave an "unknown" status and "we don't have information about this device" which strikes me as slightly odd as Intel is not exactly some unknown company.

    So, to sum things up- the tool did not seem to find any substantial problems, on the other hand, it did not address my Mobo at all.
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