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Please can someone Help??
How does the Integrated Graphics Accelerator chip,GeForce2 work with the Graphics card 64-Geforce2 MX400 Accelerator,On the MSI K7n420 Pro Motherboard, Since they are both based on the Geforce2 MX technology?
I have the opportunity to get the 64-GeForce"3" N 20, the above, or Keep my 64m-Geforce2 MX400 with my (Aurora-Gigabyte) GA 7 DX rev.4.
I have read that the GeForce3 line is already being dropped, That makes me think that any future software for this will also stop?
I am new to this changing technology and would like some help in deciding what will be the best.
thank you for any help you can give.
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  1. thing built onto your mobo (on board stuff) are mostly crap

    id go into the bios and disable the onboard stuff and put in a pci or agp card :smile:

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  2. I'd agree that ive always considered onboard stuff to be bad.. mainly because im usually concerned with upgrading later on and would like to be able to remove stuff:) About the geforce 3.. they are coming out with a geforce 4 now, but dont get confused by the crazy product line names.. the geforce4 mx440 is pretty bad I've heard, performing only as well as a geforce2 card. However the geforce 4 ti4600 and other ti one's are really top of the line, and you'll definatly pay a high price for them, so unless your a hardcore gamer I'd say save your money and pick up a geforce3 ti200. They are going to be dropping in price a lot (and already have) and perform very well.. some of them like the Gainward geforce3 ti/450 (fancy name, its a ti200 card) and the MSI-8851 geforce 3 ti200 can be overclocked pretty high and can match with the geforce3 ti500 cards..

    Anyhow if your not a hardcore gamer you probably don't care about overclocking anyhow, so to summarize.. personally I'd go with a geforce3 ti200 if your looking for a nice graphics card but not a hole in your wallet. Don't worry about nvidia 'dropping the product line' because they are always upgrading drivers for their products and they never ignore any geforce cards.

    Anyways flip through the forum a bit and I'm sure you'll see a lot of other opinions around too :)

    Oh yeah, the ati radeon 8500 is also a really nice card and I've heard they are upgrading their drivers now and that card should be really nice and last a long time.

    hope I answered your question
  3. Oh yeah, about the integrated video.. You can't have 2 video cards installed at once.. so if you did buy the motherboard with an integrated card, you'd have to get rid of your geforce2 MX card, or disable the integrated video in the BIOS for your new motherboard and then use the geforce 2 MX if you wanted.. although if the integrated one is a geforce3 that would be a bad idea =D
  4. oops sorry I mis-interpreted your question.. ignore that thing about having 2 cards installed hehe ;)
  5. Forget about on-board crap. Its crap, did I mention its crap?
    The geforce 3 will be fine for the next couple of years. Game developers are going to take that long to make games to utilize all its features. Nvidia will support that card. They are very good about updating their drivers.

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