R8500 OEM and Gainward gf3 ti200 questions!

I really want either a R8500 OEM or the Gainward gf3/ti450 when I buy my new system.. it seems that everyone is able to OC the Gainward to ti500 speeds easily.. however, I live in Canada and I can't find anywhere that sells the card! Anyone know of a good site to buy from with international shipping?

Also, I was wondering if anyone is able to OC the R8500 OEM version to speeds of the retail card? I'd grab a retail radeon if the retail didnt cost $100 more than the ti200 (canadian price) since I imagine the Radeon will last longer (meaning I wont have to upgrade as soon). So, can a Radeon 8500 OEM perform as well as the retail card??
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  1. Go to http://www.rage3d.com/radeon/r3dtweak/ Here you'll find a nice tweak/overclocking utility. I just got 8027 on 3dMark 2000 with the core clock @ 285.8 and memory clock @ 261. I've been playing around with it for a few hours. I'm going to try and get the memory clock over 275 without crashing, but I'm just happy to get over 8000 on 3dMark. BTW, default settings get me around 7700. The best I could get with a GF3 Ti200 overclocked was around 7400.

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