Bad Luck???

last year i purchased a MSI KT4 Ultra and installed it, It never booted up eg no fans or lights would even turn on psu was changed didnt make a difference.

got a replacement MSI KT4 Ultra replacement tested by a computer technician (who was going to install it) found to have same problem as the first board. M/B putting out only 3.3V instead of around 5V.

third replacement board recieved an MSI KT4 Ultra FISR workd fine for 9 months then one day the system froze up required a reboot to start first time system froze. Froze up again and restarted it wouldn't boot at al, it beeped constantly on a blank screen like a bios problem. reset the cmos then no fans or lights would even turn on, completely dead again.

Purchased Asus A7N8X E-Deluxe DOA would not boot but fans and lights would turn on.

Replacement Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe finally working.
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  1. I think quality control is not where it should be. I've had to RMA/return 3 out 4 purchases lately. Obviously defective right out of the box.

    Had to rma a mobo too lately, the next 2 they sent were defective/broken.

    So it aint just you bro. Hope your luck (and mine) turns around soon.

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    Abit NF7-S v 2.0
    Maxtor 60GB ATA 133 7200RPM
    512MB Corsair Twinx 3200LL
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